Mike Chioda recalls ‘hammered’ Vince McMahon making donuts in WWE ring truck


Everyone loves a Vince McMahon story. From stories about his love of farts, snow cones and meat wrappers, to attempting to fight Kurt Angle on a plane, McMahon is the gift that keeps on giving.

But according to former WWE referee Mike Chioda, things weren’t always fun, as he explained in Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw:

“I think we were in Richfield, Ohio. We used to do Survivor Series on Thanksgiving, ”Chioda began. “We used to do Richfield, Ohio. We used to go on Tuesday, but I think it was a Wednesday night before Thursday, but it was Wednesday night and everyone was drinking at the Holiday Inn bar. Vince was getting hammered. Everyone was getting hammered.

“Vince said, ‘Hey Mike. Where’s the ring truck? I said, ‘It’s right outside in the parking lot, sir.’ It was snowing and there was a ton of snow from before. It was snowing at night. It was very cold because it was November at that time. Next thing you know, Vince is like, ‘Give me the fucking keys to the truck Mike.’ I was like, ‘Yeah sure, boss. No problem.’

“I gave him the keys and he said, ‘Okay, come with me.’ I watch Chimel (Tony Chimel). He was at the table. I said to Chimel, ‘Vince has the keys to the truck.’ He said, ‘Why the hell did you give him the keys to the truck?’ Me and Chimel went out. Now we’re in the truck with Vince. He makes donuts with this 20ft truck with a sleeper cab. He changes gears and says, “Damn it. Can’t that go faster? I said, ‘Yeah, if you go down the freeway.’ I swear he almost overturned the truck a couple of times, I thought he was going to capsize the truck.

H / T: Wrestling News Co.

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