Metal screen defines JP House by Kumar La Noce in Bengaluru

A metal screen protects this Bengaluru house by Kumar La Noce

Kumar La Noce designs JP House, a multigenerational house covered with a metal screen in Bengaluru, India

This metal screen multigenerational family home in Bengaluru, Karnataka offers spacious, functional and contemporary accommodation for an illustrator, their family unit and their parents. JP House has two adjoining apartments; the upper part accommodates the client’s unit, while the lower space is reserved for grandparents. Designed by local architecture studio Kumar La Noce, the new home balances family warmth with a clean, almost industrial aesthetic, infused with minimalist architecture inside.

Kumar La Noce, run by Bhavana Kumar and Nicola La Noce, designed a three-story building to better meet the needs of the extended family. The modern structure is unified by a perforated light blue “veil” on the street side – a delicate and playful metal screen. However, this element is not simply an aesthetic gesture. Its permeable nature helps to regulate the heat, air and sunlight that enter the interior, ensuring conditions of comfort for residents.

Inside, a clean interior exudes confidence, in an overall resilient and utilitarian atmosphere. The material palette consists of white walls, polished cement, and a handful of carefully chosen and bespoke wood details. A main staircase painted in green matches the tone of the external skin and offers a pop of color, alongside strategic and bright furniture.

The interior and exterior merge behind the metal façade through open-air but protected balconies that run along the façade, which also allows this key architectural feature to be appreciated up close. “The perforated metal facade is seen as a“ watermark ”; it incorporates simple yet sophisticated details to maintain lightness, while using readily available metal sections, ”explain the architects. “The custom screen system was achieved through close collaboration with a manufacturer passionate about detail in metalworking. An exercise in balancing performance with minimal, essential and rugged detail, craftsmanship plays as much a role here as engineering. ‘

Balancing Bengaluru’s warm climate, neighbors’ views, and a narrow urban site, JP House’s design is simple, yet efficient, providing spatial luxury through smart architecture and relatively inexpensive materials. §

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