METAGEO Launches 3D Map Platform To Bring The Real World Into The Metaverse

Today, WEATHER announces the launch of its GIS platform to enable organizations of all sizes to host, analyze, find and share 3D map datasets between any internet enabled device. The platform processes all real-world location-based map or sensor data, combines it into a single 3D virtual environment, and streams it to any Metaverse device or platform.

Today’s traditional GIS platforms are expensive, offer mostly 2D mapping functionality, are very complicated, and often require an advanced degree to master. 3D scanning and map datasets are large, expensive, and often hidden. Additionally, these large files are often unsuitable for viewing on mobile devices or rendering in AR / VR environments. METAGEO solves these problems with an affordable and easy-to-use platform that can load data from multiple sources. These sources include satellites, drones, mobile devices, public and participatory repositories, IoT sensor data, 3D models and topographic maps. The data is then processed by the METAGEO platform in a 3D world and streamed to any internet-connected device, enabling live collaboration between the office and the field via a mobile or AR device.

Key innovations of the METAGEO 3D mapping platform include:

  • Fast and intuitive multi-user interface for easy data sharing and collaboration
  • Aggregation of cartographic and geolocated data from a multitude of sources on a global scale
  • Seamlessly import and sync data from multiple different systems on one platform
  • Easily host and stream large data sets between internet-connected devices
  • Provide the ability to find open source and private data
  • Plugin SDK will allow third party tools to adapt and adapt to all user needs

METAGEO has been designed for a wide range of applications in academia, architecture, engineering, construction, energy, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, utilities and public safety, among others. The platform notably uses the planning and management of construction sites, the organization of the layout of events, maps for disaster management, public safety, visualization of inspection images from drones and mobile devices, and more.

“After working with 3D map data for several years, it became clear that there is no easy way to share large datasets with those who need the information the most, those who have the information. boots in the field, ”said Paul Spaur, founder of METAGEO. “Now, thanks to rapid advancements in mobile hardware and the use of advanced processing techniques, we can now harness this data in real life and in the metaverse. ”

METAGEO will be offered in several affordable subscription tiers including Free Single User, Free Education, Standard, Commercial, and Enterprise. Each level offers additional features and benefits, enabling organizations to grow. METAGEO is available for a limited number of beta subscribers. Interested parties can start today to


METAGEO is an easy-to-use, collaborative mapping platform (GIS) that brings together images, digital twins, location and sensor data in a 3D universe and streams them to any internet-connected device. It enables organizations of all sizes to host, analyze, search, and share 3D map data between the office and the field through an easy-to-use platform. Its uses include organizing the layout of events, planning and managing construction, displaying maps for civil engineers, location intelligence for public safety, viewing inspection images at from drones, mobile devices and more.

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