Men’s fashion has become maximalist. Here is how to wear it


Men’s fashion has become maximalist. Here is how to wear it

Unleash your inner dandy and get back to your steering wheel with extravagant masculine looks for Fall / Winter 2021

As the prospect of increasing release from pandemic-related regulations looms on the horizon, we encourage you to ignore ritualistic objects of restriction and indulge in pieces that lean toward extravagance – for example, a Gucci suit, the flamboyant trousers in a subtle flare, the sumptuous suede jacket with gold buttons, in a color combination that turns heads of box red and mauve. Highlight yourself with a flamingo feathered stole on the shoulder.

We agree that exuberance is not for the faint-hearted, but freedom calls for the whimsical and liberation is for something a little fishy. Paul Smith and Fendi have also come up with looks that are decked out in pink hues, the former rebelling against lockdown linearity with a collection that blends style codes from past British subcultures, such as the soul obsessives of the North, Mods and New Romantics, with crossover costumes. , striped knitwear and Hawaiian shirts.

Maximumist men’s fashion: err on the side of extravagance for fall-winter 2021

Above, jacket, £ 489, by Boss. From the top, ‘Coccinelles’ clip with rubies, spessartite garnets, spinels and diamonds set in white gold and pink gold; ‘Jaspée Butterfly’ clip with diamonds, tsavorite, emeralds and sapphires set in white gold; ‘Cherry Blossom’ clip with diamonds set in yellow and white gold, all prices on request, all by Van Cleef & Arpels

Meanwhile, a dazzling way to dial in the dandy is to accessorize your outfit with a little sparkle. We suggest you bring the whimsical wonder of adventure in the woods to your lapel with the brooches from Van Cleef & Arpels, which crawl up the collar like ladybugs and colorful butterflies. These sparkling wonders feature bold tsavorite, emeralds and diamonds, which complement the cornflower blue of this textured Boss blazer, and are set in elegant white gold.

Remember when people said we would never stop wearing sweatpants and just lay slouch for all eternity? See these generous, colorful and luxurious masculine outfits as coveted contradictions. §

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