Mega Man Zero & ZX illustrator posts Samus illustration from Metroid Dread


Mega Man Zero illustrator Toru Nakayama shows off an impressive drawing of Samus Aran and his Power Suit ahead of the Metroid Dread launch next week.

Popular Mega Man Zero illustrator Toru Nakayama recently posted some awesome fan art of Terror Metroidversion of Samus Aran ahead of the game’s release next week. A long-time freelance artist who has worked for companies like Capcom and Sony over the years, Nakayama is particularly famous for producing cover art and promotional images for the Mega Man Zero sub-franchise, as well as Mega Man ZX, the ultimately not produced Mega Man Captions 3, and even the remastered Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection which brought the series to Nintendo Switch last February.

Apart from his work on Mega man, Toru Nakayama drew illustrations for lesser-known games like Speed ​​Power Gunbike, the ephemeral MMO Mirror dream online, and Fuuka taisen. He also produced illustrations for Megami Magazine and a few adult Dōjinshi (self-published novels or manga), and regularly posts fanart on social media sites like Twitter and Pixiv. It turns out that one of Nakayama’s last drawings makes him reimagine the legendary Metroid Armored hero and bounty hunter Samus Aran in his typical anime style.

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Last week, Toru Nakayama posted a superb rendition of Metroid Dread’s Samus on his Twitter account. This awe-inspiring piece of art features Samus standing up defiantly as her signature Power Suit crumbles around her (or maybe forms together). Fans have since gathered in the comments section to praise Nakayama’s work, with one in particular comparing Samus’ do-it-yourself costume to Tony Stark’s modern costume. Iron Man armor and others noting the similarity of the design to Nakayama’s earlier work on Mega Man Zero.

Metroid fans are very excited for Terror Metroid, because the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive is the first proper 2D entry in the long-running franchise in nearly two decades. First unveiled during Nintendo’s E3 2021 livestream in June, Terror Metroid will take players through a variety of new locations as Samus battles a mysterious member of Metroidthe ancient Chozo race and an army of EMMI robots on the dangerous planet ZDR. Nintendo has created a hype for Terror Metroid in the weeks leading up to its October 8 release, with an aggressive marketing campaign in its native Japan and ads promoting the game alongside the new Nintendo Switch OLED model – which also hits stores that day after its release. surprise announcement in early July.

With Terror Metroid just around the corner, it’s cool to see a well-known figure in the gaming industry as Mega Man Zero Illustrator Toru Nakayama shows off his impressive take on Samus and his iconic Power Suit armor in his own unique style. Him and the greatest Metroid the fanbase will finally have the chance to step into this armor again when Terror Metroid lands on Nintendo Switch next week.

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Source: Toru Nakayama / Twitter

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