Meaningful Gifts Mom Will Love: 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The time of year when moms are in the spotlight is back. Gifts are a nice gesture of appreciation and love, and knowing most moms, they are a welcome gift. (contrary to how they may react) If you haven’t given much thought to what to offer your mother or grandmother, or a valued caregiver.

Here is our 2022 gift guide for Mother’s Day!

Meaningful Gifts Mom Will Love: Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

Gift to support other mums with Mori

Gift to support other mums with Mori
Picture: Mori

Support other mums by purchasing handcrafted Mama’s Day gift sets from Mori. Their beloved shoulder bags are a sure win for keeping moms hands free for their bubs. Also discover the special collaborations with young people with special needs – Mustard Tree, Lin’s Cocoa and OhGloriousClay in the carefully selected gift boxes.

See more here.

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Flowering Blooms Mother’s Day Collection

Flowering Blooms Mother's Day Collection
Image: Blooming Flowers

Want flowers that last? Blooms Blooms curates preserved flower designs that can last for years!

The 2022 Mother’s Day Collection is inspired by the Proverbs 31 woman, choose bouquets, domes or bouquets. Order before April 27 as limited delivery slots are available.

Get 10% pre-order discount with code at the time of payment.

See the collection here.

Rimowa luggage just for mom’s travels

Rimowa luggage just for mom's travels
Image: Rimowa

The holidays are back! Make sure mom travels easy with Rimowa’s Essential Cabin Collection. Available in Mango, Flamingo, Bamboo and Azure, the German-designed suitcases are lightweight and durable, making them the perfect travel companion. With a built-in flexible divider and TSA-approved locks, she can transit with peace of mind knowing her belongings will be safe.

Minimakers Effective Beeswax Wraps and Cleaning Cloths

Minimakers Effective Beeswax Wraps and Cleaning Cloths
Image: Mini Makers

Reduce the use of plastic like plastic wraps and use eco-friendly beeswax wraps instead! Beeswax Wraps mini makers keep food fresh the natural way and are designed to be reusable. Moms would love them in their kitchen!

What better way to please a mother who loves cleanliness with effective sponges too! The cloths are 100% natural, durable and clean well.

Shop here.

Nitori’s collections for mom’s relaxation

Nitori's collections for mom's relaxation
Image: Nitori

Give Mom a relaxing evening and unwind this Mother’s Day with Nitori’s Stone Diffuser and Aromatic Candles. Available in a variety of scents, you can be sure to find a fragrance that would transform the room into a relaxing spa to kick off a refreshing and luxurious evening just for her.

More gift options here.

Used goods from The Reloved Collective

Does it seem strange to offer second-hand items? Well, one man’s bric-a-brac is another man’s treasure.

The Reloved Collective offers vintage tableware, bags, bamboo fiber pajamas and more at their Kreta Ayer store! The Reloved Collective is a Singapore-based lifestyle brand that seeks to reduce overconsumption by providing the community with a sustainable, premium shopping experience that brings new love to pre-loved items.

Address of The Reloved Collective: @333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #02-27

Project ENcourage

Whether it’s stationery, home and decor items, travel accessories, paper products, there’s something perfect out there!

Project Encourage has launched new products in time for Mother’s Day! Choose a Look Up jar, wooden plaque or book stand to show mom you love your home as much as she does.

Shop here.

A stay reserved for mothers

Mother's Day stays 2021
Picture: Klook

Parenting is exhausting. So why not take mom on a vacation so she can take a break from her chores! For a day or two, she wouldn’t have to worry about laundry, cooking, floors. (But we reckon she’d probably still be worried anyway.) Either way, it’s sure to be a much-loved time to spend with other mommy friends too!

Bird’s nest for food and good health

The bird’s nest is always a treat, especially for females. Why? Bird’s best is high in glycoproteins and growth factors that help support a weakened immune system. How about giving some to mom Kinohimitsu Fruity Camellia Tea Bird’s Nest Gift it would help boost immunity and brighten her complexion.

Blooms Flowering Flowers

Mother's Day Gifts 2021
Image credit: Flowering Blooms

Want flowers that last but don’t gather dust?

At Floraison Blooms, floral artists curate preserved glass domes with real preserved flowers that last for years. To celebrate special mothers on Mother’s Day, Bloom Blooms is offering a Bloom box with a marble coaster for a beloved mom!

A sweet treat for mum (to share with the family)

What’s the best thing about getting mom a cake? You know you will get some! Check out our list of sweet and decadent treats here. Of course, the sweetest of moms deserves a cake. From Mao Shan Wang flavors to macaron-filled flavors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Now give him the biggest slice!

An ultrasonic cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are all the rage now and are a handy tool for cleaning. LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleaner uses deep ultrasonic wave cleansing to gently remove dead skin cells and pollutants. Give mom a brighter, cleaner complexion. This lovely device comes in white, gray and gold and has 4 different cleaning levels with 370,000 ultrasonic micro-vibrations per second.

Ultra Peptide Treatment for Mom

Pamper mom with a facial that promises to treat aging skin in just one treatment. Minimize dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and uneven texture with the new Ultra Peptide treatment from Pisces Wellness. Leave mum feeling rejuvenated and take advantage of the special Mother’s Day promotion which is a two for one deal.

Better yet, treat yourself to a mother-daughter treat! Check the details here.

Scented showerheads for a scented shower

Have you ever heard of scented shower heads? Ruhens scented showerheads are available in three scents: lavender, lime and rose. Not only are the showerheads fragrant, the showerhead filters out harmful chlorine, hydrates hair and skin with vitamin C, leaving mom and family rejuvenated. Benefits include less hair loss and improved skin texture.

Buy one for mom here. Ruhens e-shop.

Creative classes for mom

Enroll mom (and child) in a class that sharpens creativity. Whether it’s a watercolor floral jam or a resin crafting workshop, Getyr has a class for mom. Getyr is a platform for local creators and teachers to impart various skills to anyone willing to learn. And these classes are a good opportunity to relax. You might discover mom’s latest hobby!

More classes listed here.

Enamel mug with local flair

mother's day gift
Image: Cat Socrates

#Supportlocal by purchasing these adorable enamel mugs by Cat Socrates. They have different designs dedicated to moms. My favorite has to be the Mamee design. Check out this store that sells all kinds of original products. PS you might end up buying gifts for the whole village once you start shopping!

Quality time with mom

This gift does not require much but a full presence of mind and body. You may not have spent time with her, or perhaps too busy for a meal. It’s time to go for an activity together – whether it’s a walk, a tea party, catching a show or just chatting on the phone if she’s far away. That might be the best gift – presence rather than gifts.

Homemade breakfast in bed just for mom

breakfast in bed
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Want to start Mother’s Day right? How about serving mom breakfast in bed? We have a list of easy to make recipes here. From Nutella-stuffed pancakes, to easy French toast casserole with strawberry blossoms, all moms will love the delicious surprise and ask for seconds. A happy mom is all you want for Mother’s Day.

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