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Coming with Android 12 on Pixel devices, “Material You” is the next evolution in Google’s design language, and it brings with it the ability to customize colors to match your wallpaper. This mainly affects the elements of the system, but application developers can also tap into it. Below is a list of apps that support Material You on Android 12, both proprietary and third-party.

Google apps with Material You

It’s no surprise that Google is leading the charge for Material You apps on Android 12. After all, the company is in the best position to implement the feature since they are the ones building it from the ground up. Ahead of Android 12’s official release in the fall, we’ve already seen several updated apps to support wallpaper-based color themes.

Google Phone (beta version)

After the Contacts rollout, Google is also bringing Material You to its Google Phone dialer app. The app’s Dynamic Color support includes the search bar theme, buttons along the bottom bar, and floating action buttons for the keyboard and Google Duo.

Currently, the redesign is being rolled out for beta users on both Android 12 and earlier versions.

Google Workspace apps

In September, Google announced and then started rolling out updates to Material You in its Workspace apps on Android. This includes Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Keep, and others. These updates are rolling out during the month of September, but may take a long time to appear on your device.

Google Calculator

Perhaps the most teased redesign was Google Calculator, an update that finally arrived in version 8.0 which was released with Android 12 Beta 5. This redesign is a shining example of what Material You is bringing to the table for. the apps, with Google pulling multiple colors for a truly beautiful design.

Google clock

The Material You overhaul for the Google Clock app has also been released with Android 12 Beta 5. This update does not change the layout of the app in any way, but introduces touches of color in the design and buttons, and incorporates more than one color in the user interface. The update also brings some fantastic widgets.

Google Goal

Material You also appeared to a small extent in the Google Lens app, with a slight overhaul on older versions of Android and with full Dynamic Color support on Android 12 devices.

Gboard (beta version)

Available in the latest beta versions of Gboard, Android 12 users will notice that the default keyboard theme will adapt to their device’s accent colors and change depending on the wallpaper. This is more present in light mode but also affects dark themes.

Google Camera

Live from Android 12 Beta 3, the Google Camera app has grabbed accent colors powered by Material You. Colors appear as an emphasis on certain UI elements, including the mode dial, zoom slider, and various settings. You will also find adjustments in the larger settings menu depending on the colors of your wallpaper.

Files by Google

One of the first but most subtle Material You implementations we’ve seen so far comes from the Files by Google app. You will only see minor color adjustments in the bottom bar and top bar, but the latter only when scrolling. This is probably an unfinished version of what Google plans to eventually implement. At this point, the change is in effect even in non-beta versions of Files.

Google Contacts

One of the more recent additions to the Material You family is Google Contacts, and it’s also one of the best examples. Throughout the app, you will notice that the buttons, backgrounds, and other accents pick up on the color theme of your wallpaper. This is particularly evident in clear themes.

Chrome for Android (Canary)

Spotted by our own Kyle Bradshaw, Chrome was one of the first apps to start working on Material You support. Live now in the Canary publish channel, the theme applies to tabs, overflow menu, and other parts of settings. The Material You colors definitely act as an accent in this app rather than a central part of the user interface.

Third-party apps with Material You

Beyond Google’s own collection of apps, some third-party developers have also started bringing Material You colors to their apps. You can check out those apps below and stay tuned for our regular “MY Apps” series, which takes a look at the latest examples of Material You in action.

This list will be updated regularly as new options are released. If you are an Android developer who is adding Material You support to your app, please to reach And keep us updated !

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