Loans to residents of the City of Cortland to repair storm water, sewers and sidewalks are now available

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The City of Cortland at its city council meeting last night (July 21) unanimously approved a revolving loan program to help residents make repairs to their property.

This program is open to all residents and property owners of the City of Cortland seeking assistance with the cost of repairing sewer/rain laterals, repairing water service, including backups, as well as as the replacement of sidewalks.

These repairs and replacements can be very expensive, the city explains.

This program will fund up to $9,000.00 and work must be done by licensed contractors who have current insurance certificates on file with the City of Cortland.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Common Council recognized the importance of sewer/storm lateral repair, water service repair including backflows, and sidewalk replacement for its residents and property owners. regardless of their financial situation.

City residents must apply for the loan and be up to date with all property taxes to be eligible.

The funds say the city will take the form of a loan that will be added to residents’ or property owners’ tax bills and paid over a five-year period with an interest rate of 6%.

The City of Cortland has provided the procedure for applying for this revolving loan program outlined below:

1. Get an application from City Hall, located at 25 Court Street, or online from the city
from the Cortland website at

2. Obtain a minimum (three recommended) of one (1) detailed quote from a contractor who has
an insurance certificate currently on file with the City.

3. Complete the application and return it to the City of Cortland along with any additional documents required.
documentation (i.e. detailed quotes) for approval.

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