Jony Ive remembers Steve Jobs, ten years after his death


Jony Ive remembers Steve Jobs ten years later

In a recollection published in WSJ Magazine – marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs – Jony Ive, former Apple design director, reflects on his friendship and collaboration with Jobs, and how it inspired his creative collective LoveFrom

Former Apple Design Director Jony Ive reflects on the tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, in a memorabilia published in WSJ Magazine.

Jobs, who was president, CEO and co-founder of Apple, appointed Ive senior vice president of industrial design at Apple in 1997. After Jobs died on October 5, 2011, after an eight-year struggle against a form rare pancreatic cancer, Ive delivered a eulogy during a celebration of Jobs’ life on the Apple campus in Cupertino.

Since then, “I haven’t spoken publicly about our friendship, our adventures, or our collaboration,” Ive says in the recollection. “But I think about Steve every day. “

Jony Ive: “I think about Steve Jobs every day”

In the eulogy, Jobs had declared Ive his “closest and most faithful friend”. In the new memory, he develops a close creative partnership that has grown into a lasting friendship: “We have worked together for almost 15 years. We had lunch together most days and spent our afternoons in the design studio sanctuary. These were some of the happiest, most creative, and joyful times of my life.

“He was without a doubt the most curious human I have ever met.

Most people have an innate curiosity, but I’ve argued that after a formal education or in a collaborative work environment, curiosity becomes a decision that requires “intention and discipline.”

Jobs liked to explore tentative ideas. As I’ve described it, “for Steve wanting to learn was far more important than wanting to be right.”

It is the respect for provisional ideas and the absence of fear of the “terribly new” that made Jobs a visionary. “He understood that creation should be given rare respect – not just when the ideas were good or the circumstances easy and practical.”

Design as an expression of love for humanity

Ten years later, I’ve said her understanding of the job continues to grow and evolve.

Ive remembered Jobs was obsessed with “simplicity, truth and purity”. “Above all, I have come to appreciate and understand its singular and magnificent clarity which has conquered the chaos, the roar of opinion and the rush for judgment.”

“He truly believed that by creating something great for people, something empowering, beautiful and culturally significant, we are expressing our gratitude and love for humanity.”

In 2019, Ive left the role of design director at Apple to create LoveFrom, a creative collective of designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers and artists based in London and San Francisco. He now attributes the collective’s name to “Steve’s unique and powerful motivation”.

LoveFrom announces collaboration with Emerson Collective

Jony Ive with Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of the Emerson collective and widow of Steve Jobs. Photography: Craig McDean, courtesy of LoveFrom and WSJ Magazine

Beyond Apple, which has become LoveFrom’s first customer, the collective works with leading global companies such as Airbnb and Exor (the holding company of Ferrari). To this list of collaborators, he now adds The Emerson Collective, set up by Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.

“Laurene and I are close,” describes Ive. “Our families have been close for almost 30 years. We have endured deaths and celebrated births. We talk all the time. […] Most of the time we talk about the future and his amazing and inspiring work with Emerson Collective. ‘

Founded in 2004, Emerson Collective is an organization that works for a more equal and fair America, with a focus on “creating systemic change in the areas of education, immigration, climate and cancer research and treatment ”.

I’ve continued, “Laurene and I are finally working together. In truth, we have worked together for decades.

Jony Ive on Steve Jobs’ disappearance

Ten years ago, as Jobs and Ive said goodbye, Jobs’ last words were that he would fail to speak together.

After Jobs died, I went out into the garden. I’ve remembered, “I thought how talking often gets in the way of listening and thinking. Maybe that’s why we spend so much time together walking or eating quietly.

He concludes, “I miss Steve desperately and I will always miss not talking to him.” §

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