JCDecaux data helps Aussie Home Loans target customers

Outdoor advertiser JCDecaux Australia used data from its geospatial tool JCDecaux ORBIT to target the specific audience segment of Aussie Home Loan mortgage refinancers during their day, “on public and private screens”.

“Aussie Home Loans and its media agency, IPG Mediabrand’s Initiative, have partnered with out-of-home communications leader JCDecaux as part of a refocusing of their out-of-home audience targeting to inform online activity,” said JCDecaux Australia.

“This is a market first for Aussie, which has traditionally planned its out-of-home media around Aussie store locations. For this campaign, JCDecaux used data from the JCDecaux ORBIT geospatial tool to target the Australian Mortgage Refinancers specific audience segment for smarter targeting, which will then be used to target online audiences.

Data from the Out-of-Home campaign will also be used by Matterkind, Aussie Home Loan’s performance marketing agency, to inform online digital performance strategies. “It allows Aussie to engage with their target audience throughout their day, on public and private screens,” the outdoor company said.

The campaign, targeting Australians who want to refinance their existing home loan due to rising interest rates, was informed by JCDecaux’s ORBIT to determine where Australia’s refinancer audience lives. The JCDecaux Digital Large Format sites were strategically selected by analyzing the daily movements of the audience of Australian refinancers and the proximity of the physical locations of the stores. These audiences are delivered via Adobe Audience Manager to Matterkind to inform effective online targeting opportunities.

Max Eburne, Commercial Director of JCDecaux Australia, said: “Aussie’s latest campaign is a shining example of how advertisers can use data to combine public and private screens, delivering more strategic and effective campaigns. Leveraging JCDecaux’s ever-evolving data capabilities to deliver integrated and omnichannel campaigns is where we see the future of Out-of-Home. It’s very exciting to see brands like Aussie leading the way.

Antoinette Tyrrell, Brand Manager at Aussie Home Loans, added: “The Aussie brand has spent 30 years being the trusted and reliable source that Australians turn to when navigating the housing market. Currently, the nation is facing one of the most critical times for homeownership when it comes to their mortgage. This initiative will continue to evolve our Australian offering through innovation, showing how our experienced ‘refiners’ can help deliver the most competitive offering in the housing market to thousands of homeowners.

The campaign will initially run at selected JCDecaux Digital Large Format sites in Sydney and Melbourne for two weeks, with a three-week campaign period in October.


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