Ivy Republic launches luxury heating and cooling body wraps


The new product from this wellness company is filled with 100% natural flax seeds which can be used on the neck, shoulders and any part of the body for thermal and cold comfort.

Women today are more loaded than ever. From day or night work to household management, they get the job done no matter what awaits them. However, the challenges of everyday life can take a toll on the well-being of everyone. Ivy Republic, a company dedicated to providing high quality, natural self-care products, understands the needs of today’s multitasking women. As such, the company is launching its new product – a luxury hot and cold wrap filled with 100% natural flax seeds.

“We provide busy women with natural wellness products that can be used anytime to feel carefree and radiant. We understand what it feels like to be a woman who wears all hats – someone who has to be everything to everyone. Need a pick-me-up? We have what you need, ”said the spokesperson for the company.

Ivy Republic Deluxe Hot & Cold Wraps are microwave-safe towels with a unique patent-pending design that allows them to comfortably fit any part of the body, unlike the typical neck wrap . In addition, rigorous testing has been carried out to ensure the high quality, durability and effectiveness of the product. Coupled with a lifetime warranty and impeccable customer service, this company really stands out from the crowd.

The flaxseed component of the new product provides therapeutic warmth or freshness when placed in the microwave or freezer. Flax seeds have a unique property in that they can retain heat much longer than other fillings, such as clay balls and rice. They are also environmentally friendly, unscented and 100% natural. In addition, the unique shape of the seeds allows them to mold to any part of the body faster.

Ivy Republic Deluxe Heated & Cooling Wraps come beautifully wrapped and ready to be gifted in a premium personalized magnetic gift box. The packaging also serves as safe storage for the product at home or on the go. At the time of this article, the scarf is offered in a stunning shade of gray and will be launching in various other colors.

Ivy Republic also offers other luxury and relaxation products. They have jade rollers and gua sha stones for women who want to deflate and give their skin a healthy glow. These items help with lymphatic drainage, starting from the neck to the face. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage meant to push fluid from the lymph nodes to a part of the body to help flush toxins out of the system.

Currently, Ivy Republic has over 1,400 satisfied customers across the country who believe in its mission to spread the gift of personal care. The company’s vision is to provide easy-to-use natural products that anyone can use to experience the rest and rejuvenation they deserve at all times.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the team at Ivy Republic is confident that when customers make a purchase, they can feel carefree and radiant at all times – setting them up for success and helping them get the restoration they need to face. the day.

To browse, buy, and learn more about Ivy Republic products, visit https://www.ivyrepublic.com/. Customers can also follow them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Ivy Republic’s main office is located in Los Angeles, California.

About Ivy Republic LLC.

Ivy Republic is the leading curator of personal care items designed for luxury and rejuvenation. Based in Los Angeles, California, the brand promotes holistic wellness and strives to provide busy women with natural wellness solutions they can use anytime to feel carefree and radiant. By offering high-end natural products, Ivy Republic fosters wellness and restoration so that every woman can live feeling revitalized.

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