‘Is it a Banksy?’ – framed illustrations lead to speculation, but clues suggest otherwise

Take a closer look and there’s a link to another piece of art five miles away

‘Is it a Banksy?’ – Residents of Kingswood have speculated who is behind an artwork that appeared on the wall of a disused factory in the town. It was spotted over the weekend, with photos posted and possible reasons behind the framed piece on social media.

The artwork shows an amputated panda with the letters WTF in a design and font similar to the World Wildlife Fund logo. ‘Adopt a rat today… make a difference. Stop the Suffering’ is painted on it and the artwork sits inside a frame behind bamboo sticks.

But the biggest clue as to who’s behind the art might be the poster inside, which reads “Free the Stockwood Chimpanzees.” It could refer to artwork of a similar style, showing two chimpanzees behind bars, which appeared in Stockwood in May. Both artworks also share the same set of numbers in the bottom left corner – 415475.

This connection has already been picked up by someone from the Kingswood People Facebook group. Lynda Teagle said: “It appears to not be the first piece by the same artist – certainly not Banksy.” But others wondered if it was Banksy. One said: “Looks like Banksy??”

The artwork sits on the wall of an empty factory close to downtown, and the perfect place to secretly display the artwork. A new housing estate is being built nearby, and there are only one or two houses overlooking the location.

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