Introducing the August 2022 issue of Wallpaper*

Introducing the August 2022 issue of Design for a Better World by Wallpaper*

Given the opportunity to bring together HRH Prince Charles and Jony Ive for Wallpaper’s annual “Design for a Better World” issue, we thought it appropriate to give them our newsstand coverage. The prince has been a tireless torchbearer for environmental causes since 1970, when he sounded the alarm over the ‘growing threat’ of pollution in a major speech; During this time, Ive has time and again demonstrated the power of design to elevate our lives.

Their joint initiative, the Terra Carta Design Lab, has brought together students and alumni of the Royal College of Art to design high-impact solutions “for nature, people and the planet”, and sets a fine example that others institutions would be prudent to follow. . Photographer Nick Knight visited Clarence House to shoot our portrait of the Prince and Ive, while Wallpaper* Contributing Editor and Design Museum Director Emeritus Deyan Sudjic sat down with the latter to discuss a way forward for the design industry – balancing maker care with the potential of contemporary industrial manufacturing.

Another great duo, Yinka Shonibare and Ashley Shaw Scott Adjaye, use art to set the record straight on the transatlantic slave trade, inviting Britons “to face our shared history with honesty, empathy and grace”. We present a first look at their large globe sculpture journey, which involves over 100 artists and will take over seven cities across the UK from August.

Chilean artist, poet and activist Cecilia Vicuña – winner of the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement at this year’s Venice Biennale – created our limited-edition cover, recognizing five indigenous women leaders from Latin America that advance the causes of environmental and social justice. Vicuña’s work shows the power of art to untangle and reclaim oppressed stories, making it a fitting inclusion in our Thinkers section, featuring creatives whose ideas and practices show us the way to a future. greener and fairer.

By Adam Nathaniel Furman, who sheds light on how queer spaces have challenged the architectural canon; to Jessica Julmy, supporter of responsible viticulture; to Eyal Weizman, a pioneer in the use of architectural analysis to expose miscarriages of justice and state violence; to Lesley Lokko, whose African Futures Institute addresses issues such as decolonization, decarbonization and diversity; our thinkers not only inspire hearts and minds, but also effect meaningful change.

And finally, our Artist’s Palace page presents a pan con tomato by London-based artist duo Cooking Sections, whose ‘Climavore’ project advocates for more sustainable food production and consumption in response to human-induced landscape changes. The dish stands out for its use of planet-friendly ingredients and for being part of a special menu created for The Magazine restaurant in Serpentine North to coincide with the gallery’s art exhibition in the age of the climate crisis. It’s really good food.

Bill Prince
Acting Editor-in-Chief

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