Introducing Freyr ARTWORK 360


Freyr, one of the world’s largest providers of regulatory-focused solutions and services, as part of its digital transformation, introduces Freyr ARTWORK 360 – an exclusive art work lifecycle management tool. The software will significantly focus on end-to-end automation of creative and compliant illustration solutions.

Freyr ARTWORK 360, with IR-powered functionality, intelligently manages the artwork lifecycle at every stage, i.e. content, design, review and publication. With customizable workflows, a library of digital assets, and version tracking, the tool reduces the complexity of managing artwork. It improves collaboration in all phases of development with greater visibility for all stakeholders.

Additionally, the tool simplifies the review process with better graphical collaboration using an integrated annotation tool. The 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant tool is known for:

• Artwork lifecycle management

• Traceability of illustrations

• Integration with proofreading/third-party tools

Learn more about Freyr ARTWORK 360 in this dedicated web portal.

“Life science organizations are increasingly willing to automate their processes in all aspects of the product lifecycle. At the same time, their focus on connectivity between distributed teams is accelerating the development of platforms We are pleased to introduce Freyr ARTWORK 360, such a platform that brings teams together and manages all aspects of the artwork lifecycle with high visibility,” said Rajiv Rangan, CEO of Freyr.” We are confident that our tool will enable customers to produce compliant, creative and high-quality artworks with the best automation experience,” Rajiv added.

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