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Let’s talk about gift baskets.

I like making them. I like having them. It’s so much fun to match the recipient to a plethora of treats.

We’re halfway through Christmas, so let’s plan ahead.

Vervan – Sometimes you think something that tastes so good can’t be good for you, but there’s Dr. Sinatra in the Vervana literature, a cardiologist who encourages us to live high vibrationally.

Vervana olive oil and a mix of all-purpose Italian seasonings and dips are all you need, except maybe some bread to put it in your mouth. What a difference freshness and quality make, as well as the idea of ​​enjoying these products in Italy itself, or in California, where Vervana lives.

Visit, which features gift baskets, including one with a simply divine olive wood bowl and spoon. It’s so smooth and knotty that it sends you back in time, but calls you back for dinner. The doctor has a diet of pasta and sauces.

Try Vervana Summer Salad Tips:

  • When you’re making a salad, let the color be your guide. Expand your palate to include bell peppers, radishes, green beans, Brussels sprouts, red onions, cabbage, arugula, beets, berries, grapes, avocados, apples and pears.
  • Top it with insulin-balancing and thirst-quenching proteins and healthy fats such as nuts, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, quinoa, chickpeas and grilled chicken. Avoid processed carbs like crunchy noodles, croutons, and bacon bits.
  • Keep this salad intact by using a dressing with beneficial fats and flavorful seasonings. Don’t dip it in salad dressing made with cheap oils, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Try Vervana’s cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils, and balsamic vinegars instead.

Vervana’s Lemon Garlic Flavored Olive Oils are bursting with flavor and add the perfect finishing touch to a salad. Drizzle it down and add a sprinkle of Vervana’s Italian Seasoning Blend for a savory flavor that enhances the palate.

Avocado on the tree – Remember the first time you heard the story of hiding the pickle on the Christmas tree? I never realized Old World Christmas had such a sense of humor.

Foodies can now adorn their temples with a pair of alligator, aka avocado; peppers (bell and cayenne) and even charcuterie boards. If it’s trendy, you can hang it. Avocado toast? Bottle of Ranch dressing? Bowl of ramen? Tacos ?

Visit, which offers delicate and inspiring glass ornaments made the old-fashioned way. You can find a choice for every personality you know. The thing is, they’re so pretty and fun, you’ll be hanging them in the kitchen – or the bar perhaps – all year round. Avocado is all the rage and these peppers will remind me to eat healthy.

Wrapping Delight – I’m not much into shopping, but I’ve always loved, loved, loved wrapping presents. My mother taught me neat corners hiding the stripe, unique embellishment, etc.

Inspired Wraps understands me. This company features every product you can imagine, from plain brown bags—the best way to create personalized messages from their cute wooden boxes of alphabet stamps—to vintage-looking craft scissors to keep you looking your best.

They’ve made it easy for you at, where you can purchase the themed gift basket and have it wrapped. People like me can get the goods and go to town.

Darragh Doiron is a foodie from the Port Arthur area who embraces the ‘different’ and the ‘creative’. Contact her at [email protected]

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