IKEA is now leaning into 3D printed meatballs to think outside the box »

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To appeal to out-of-the-box thinkers, IKEA is now looking into food 3D printing and, more specifically, 3D printing (a meatless version) of its famous reindeer meatballs. A video on the company’s YouTube channel asks potential employees to “meet for a job interview over 3D-printed meatballs.”

This is the latest opportunity for the furniture and design giant to suggest that it is seriously considering implementing additive manufacturing into its creative processes and, eventually, into manufacturing workflows. Just a few weeks ago, we announced the first commercial 3D printed products went on sale on the company’s German e-commerce website. Apparently they are not yet fully available, but the transition, which began with a project undertaken with Irish AM service provider WAZP nearly two years ago, is definitely underway. And it was just the latest in a series of touch projects involving AM.

A video on IKEA's official YouTube channel asks potential employees to

Now it’s about 3D printed food and more specifically the Foodini 3D food printer from Natural Machines, taken as an example of innovative and creative thinking. Also, Natural Machines’ vision of making food more natural and healthier through mass customization and 3D printing is actually very much in line with IKEA’s approach to making furniture designer. universally accessible in an increasingly sustainable way.

Food printing hasn’t really entered the mainstream yet, although it is slowly gaining ground among high-end chefs, including some molecular cookers. Contrary to popular belief, molecular cuisine uses green chemistry approaches to revisit and blend traditional flavors and dishes through new techniques and forms. IKEA is looking for this kind of inventiveness to fill many future roles by strengthening its digital presence with “people with imagination who want to improve life at home. Selected roles, from cyber guardians to future architects”.

Interested parties can apply at ikea.com/tastethefuture

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