Hunter Biden’s artwork can be purchased at the LA Show for $ 75,000 each: Report


Hunter Biden’s artwork was reportedly sold for $ 75,000 each before his official art exhibit was held in New York.

At least five have been sold, and lawyers have started investigating potential clients who will attend the next show. Works sold during the “Pop-up” presentation on October 1 in Los Angeles.

According to the New York Post, the identity of the buyer is unknown, and it is also not clear whether other works have been sold after the display.

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“But most of the people authorized to buy the work are long-time individual collectors who have galleries,” said a source familiar with the sale.

The sale of Biden’s artwork has raised a number of ethical issues with the White House. In July, White House officials struck a deal to keep the purchase of artwork confidential, even to the artists themselves. Hunter Biden’s presence at the Los Angeles event came despite the White House previously saying it did not know the identity of the potential buyer.

George Barges, owner of the New York gallery, has agreed to reject allegedly suspicious offers and offers above asking price, the Washington Post reported. A team of attorneys have been working to carefully consider who will attend the Soho Gallery exhibit, but it’s unclear who hired the attorney.

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Some of Biden’s artwork is listed for up to $ 500,000.

“Everything is a very bad idea,” former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter told the Washington Post. “The first reaction of a lot of people is to take advantage of the fact that he’s the president’s son and want people to give him a lot of money.”

A painter under the administration of George W. Bush said recent sales were proof that the “secret veil” approach was “not happening.”

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Walter Shaub, former director of government ethics under President Obama, said I told Fox News earlier Hunter Biden’s lucrative artistic career has a “feeling of shyness.”

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Concerns over the sale of paintings revolve around the issue of access to the White House. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, candidate for President Biden’s US ambassador to India, is said to have been one of the most prominent attendees of the Hunter art exhibition.

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Houston Keene of Fox News contributed to this report.

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