How to celebrate the holidays with roommates, friends

Now that it’s December, you might want to celebrate the holidays in any way you can. Whether it’s listening to Christmas music, mint coffee, or just a little more red color in your everyday wardrobe, we all have different ways of spreading the holiday cheer. However, it gets harder to celebrate the holidays with finals looming over your head, giving freebies to everyone or in a space shared with many people. Here are a few ways to celebrate the holidays with roommates and friends, ranging from Christmas-themed activities to fun gift swaps.

Plan hot chocolate and holiday movie nights

With busy study schedules, this may require sending a few When2meets in the group chat. However, nothing screams the holiday celebration like a quality time with friends while sipping hot chocolate and watching a holiday movie. These movies can range from the controversial Christmas movie “Die Hard” to classic Disney movies, but it’s best to watch them with hot chocolate (the peppermint flavor is strongly suggested) and even a pizza to share!

Mini Christmas Stocking

While no one has the time (or the resources) to have a full bottom on display midway through Finals week, mini-bottoms do exactly the job. Whether or not you want to fill them up with a bit of candy or little knickknacks, they’re small enough (and inexpensive) to buy for all of your roommates. That way, even throughout the finals, there is always the little excitement of opening the socks on the last day of school.

white elephant

A vacation game made for groups of friends or roommates, it’s always something fun that I do every year. The rules are simple: everyone buys a gift (with a so-called price limit), wraps it and brings it to a gathering. Then you give everyone in your party a number (based on how many people are in the party) and, in numerical order, each person randomly chooses a gift and opens it. On each person’s turn (after number one has passed) they have a choice of either stealing someone else’s gift and having them choose again, or choosing a new gift to open from the pile. While it might seem a bit complicated at first, it’s the perfect game to play with friends if you want to have a bit of a laugh.

Gingerbread house contest

Nothing screams the holidays more than a good old-fashioned competition. Although the schedules can be tight, this is an activity that only takes an hour or less (mainly because there is usually a time limit). So, get your friends together or have a roommate reunion, buy two gingerbread houses, split into teams, and get ready to create an amazing piece of art or a slightly unstable dwelling. Who knows?

Collaborative vacation playlists

Now, if the schedules are really tight during Finals week, this is the shortest vacation activity to do with your roommates: Create a collaborative vacation playlist! While it doesn’t have to be limited to holiday music, it’s always fun and exciting to see which songs bring others into the holiday spirit, and it can also help you broaden your holiday music tastes.

These activities are the perfect way to spread the holiday cheer this season, even in the middle of the finals! From fun gift swaps to holiday movies, it’ll get you in the Christmas mood with your roommates and friends.

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