How Infobip tripled the number of partners with the improved benefits of the Partner Connect program –

A global cloud communications company, Infobip saw its strategic channel partnerships triple to 280 in 2021 as enhancements to Infobip Partner Connect Program were presented.

Since its introduction, the program has traditionally helped partners and their customers transform large-scale business opportunities by connecting them to powerful communications solutions and expertise.

Leveraging Infobip’s global network of over 700 direct carrier connections, spanning over 200 countries, Infobip’s partners have the opportunity to tap into a customer engagement and services market that is expected to grow in value Combined Combination Exceeds $25 Billion by 2025, According to CCaaS Market Value Avant Research July 2021 – Juniper Research CPaaS Market Value September 2021.

Infobip’s Partner Connect program typically offered a dedicated Partner Development Manager, access to relevant tools, and support teams to optimize your partner journey – from onboarding, business planning, and identification. opportunities in approaching customers and implementing use cases.

However, using feedback from the ecosystem, Infobip was motivated to revamp the program with elements designed to accelerate market potential through partnerships on the world’s most connected cloud communications platform in order to be ready. to evolve every opportunity.

At the heart of Infobip’s enhanced Partner Connect program is a focus on one-to-one, in-person engagement through Partner Managers as well as digital engagement through Infobip’s new Partner Relationship Management model. .

Indeed, it offers a personal relationship wrapped in a digital experience.

The program tracks the types of organizations that want to partner – including systems integrators, VARs, BPOs and consultants, marketing and digital agencies, ISVs and custom software developers.

This means that in addition to enabling partners to sell, service and build on Infobip solutions, Partner Connect is now aimed at systems integrators and consultants who wish to sell their cloud communications and create their own services. , ISVs who wish to integrate Infobip’s omnichannel products into their solutions in order to give more choice to their customer and monetize the result.

Likewise, it takes into account VARs who want to sell omnichannel solutions and services, BPOs who want to integrate customer engagement into their service offering as well as digital agencies who want to ensure that their clients’ brands are the more connected through their campaigns and customer engagement efforts. .

Veselin Vuković, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships – Infobip

Veselin Vuković, VP Strategic Partnerships at Infobip, explains: “Creating connected customer experiences is at the heart of what we do and at the heart of the digital transformation of our partners’ customers. Our partner program enables them to leverage our global experience, connectivity, communications solutions and industry expertise to create innovative customer solutions that drive business growth.

Partner programs are popular business strategies that vendors can use to grow their business footprint and diversify their network of users.

Not only can they generate revenue, but they can also be important links between suppliers and customers.

Similar to advisors or associates in a business, partners can be crucial to the overall success of a business. Their impact on sales, market share, innovation and even brand recognition can be enormous.

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