House with spacious interiors in Malappauram is a marvel of design | lifestyle decor

If you visit Malappuram Edappal, you might see this beautiful new two storey house. The owners share the joy of building their dream home.

They approached designer Shyam Kumar after seeing a home designed by him on online home channel Manorama. The house should have the compactness of a one-story house, but should also have two-story facilities. The main requirement was that the house should be airy and well lit.

The house was built giving plenty of space for a large front yard so it looks stunning for those passing by the road. The front yard is made of natural stone. There is also an additional lawn.

The tiered roof improves the elevation of the house. The roof has been leveled and bonded. The low height of the trusses gives the impression of a one-story house.

The main floor contains a porch large enough to park two cars, a sit-out, a formal living room, a family living room, a dining room, a courtyard, a kitchen and a work area. On the first floor there is a bedroom and an upper living room. The total area is 3800 square feet.

Charming artwork designed walls are the best part of the interiors. You can spot them on the walls of the double height formal living, family living and hallway. There is a painting of feathers on the double living room wall, a picture of the forest and a stream on the back wall of the hanging swing, and a picture of foliage in the family living room. And these are the works of talented artists. They give a different atmosphere to the house.

Vitrified tiles are placed on the floor. Custom furniture with teak finish enhances the beauty of the interiors. The interior layout is done with the aim of giving more space around the courtyard in the center of the house. Through the skylight ceiling light streams. Indoor plants are also placed in the middle of the four pillars.

They gave an open theme for the dining-pantry space. There is also a lunch counter with high chairs in the kitchen counter. The kitchen cabinet is made in a marine plywood finish. Nanovite is spread on the counter. There is also a functional kitchen.

From the dining room you can enter the patio through a folding glass door. The wall is secured by grids. It’s supposed to be the family’s favorite gathering place. The four bedrooms are arranged in different color themes. There are attached bathrooms and wardrobes. The side wall of the head is decorated with wallpaper in different colors.

Environmentally friendly methods have also been adopted. Most of the electricity needed for the house comes from the solar power plant on the roof. The housewarming was done last month (May 2022). In short, they are delighted with the house of their dreams!

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