House for a Doctor is a home transformation in east London

Less is more in this east London home transformation

Whittaker Parsons manufactures House for a Doctor, a sensitive and contemporary transformation of a former corner store into a house in Bethnal Green, east London

Most home renovations in London involve construction or the exterior, whether it’s adding a nightclub and home gym basement to a pile of stucco in Belgravia or a kitchen extension to a brick. Victorian red in east London.

Taking the home remodel of a former corner store in Bethnal Green, Architects Whittaker Parsons took a different approach. The architects removed a shoddy extension, replaced it with a courtyard garden (featuring a built-in bench and bee blocks), and set out to make better use of less space in this home transformation in the east of London.

Designed to accommodate three healthcare professionals working on different shift models (and WFH), the architects actually sacrificed six square meters of floor plan, instead focusing on creating workspaces and living spaces. perfectly connected that could easily be closed for more privacy.

Converting a house in east London for flexible living

Whittaker Parsons, founded by Camilla Parsons and Matthew Whittaker in 2015, was keen to use salvaged and affordable materials wherever possible. The house now circulates around a new, bright double-height entrance hall, clad in raw plaster, which reorients the original staircase. The existing floorboards were hand sanded and redone, and the steps and staircase structure were carefully dismantled before being reinstalled. The new staircase provides additional storage and space for a plywood lined toilet.

Meanwhile, the architects took over the existing dark green glazed tiles, which inform the design of the new bathroom, kitchen and glazing and provide a dramatic contrast to the raw plaster walls.

The architects, whose resume includes the flagship store Gentle Monster London, have also ensured better insulation and energy use, installing new double-glazed wooden sash windows and insulation in floors, attic and masonry walls of this home transformation in east London.

“The House for a Doctor project does more with less,” insist the architects, “and demonstrates that through good design and careful construction we can create sustainable townhouses that can promote a sense of well-being.” §

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