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Who is Sophia Hammons? The 14-year-old Disney star is ready to be a part of history

14-year-old actress Sophia Hammons starred in the 2021 remake of Disney Channel’s very first original film, Under Wraps. She played one of three friends, alongside Malachi Barton and Christian J. Simon, who accidentally revived a mummy they found in a neighbor’s basement. She also played a haunting role in the hit Netflix film, The Social Dilemma, a docu-drama that explores the human implications of social media. Her character, Isla, grabbed the attention of viewers with her heartbreaking addiction to technology. Sophia spoke to Kelsey Weekman about Under Wraps’ In The Know, her past roles and her hopes for her future career. “I’ve been doing TV and movies for about three years now. It’s really fun. I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my dad and my dog, Larry.” “Under Wraps tells the story of about three children who find a stolen 4,000-year-old mummy. It’s a super fun movie that I think will appeal to a lot of children and families.” “I’m definitely a big moviegoer. I have two favorite movies. One of them is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And then my other favorite movie is Promising Young Woman.” “I’m really interested in playing wise characters. Someone I want to work with is Taika Waititi. I really want to work with Taika Waititi”

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