Here you can download the 12 new traditional wallpapers


We offer smartphone wallpapers for you to download at irregular intervals on the blog, they are very popular and in most cases can be used on multiple devices. But of course desktop users also want to enjoy beautiful views behind the window, so now we can provide you with the latest Chrome OS wallpapers for you to download. These are once again very successful.

The Savannah Band

Thanks to the internal wallpaper app, Google Chrome OS offers users a full range of background images to choose from, sorted by category and of course already available for download on our blog. Now, Google designers have added many more for the fall and have created a new collection around the theme of heritage. It arrived on Pixel smartphones a few days ago and is now available for download in Chrome OS.

Thanks to the Heritage campaign, Google’s designs have created the most beautiful displays that not only suit everyone’s taste, but bring a certain serenity and art to the office. Although the images were created by four different designers, their style is very similar. Each designer has donated multiple shots above, and these will work with pixel background images.

Background images for desktop operating systems were created by designers Cecilia Ruiz, Liz Hernandez, Marisol Ortega and Nice Borges.

Chrome OS Tradition Wallpaper

Some of these background images can also be used on a smartphone as they have central elements in the center, rather than relying on background colors on the edges. You should try to find out how it works on the smartphone.

As usual, we give you two different options for viewing and downloading background images. You can view them in their original size in Google Photos and download them individually, or you can download the entire archive directly from Google Drive. All background images have a resolution of 3412 x 3412 pixels, so they are suitable for almost any screen size. But trimming the edges shouldn’t be a big deal with almost any kernel.

Traditional Chrome OS Wallpaper Download: Gallery (Google Photos) | Archive (Google Drive)

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