Healthy, nutritious food choices start with healthy habits


When a person talks about healthy habits, the concept is more than a general idea of ​​healthy eating. Beyond the concept of incorporating fruits and vegetables into a dish, this foundation of making positive food choices is an idea that spans ages and demographics. But, the concept needs a trip of a lifetime.

As family meal times take on different shapes, the reality is that making healthy and nutritious food available to all communities is vital. These healthy habits don’t magically appear with a wave of the wand. There has to be a will to act.

Although access to food can be a barrier, communities and families need to appreciate the options available to them. While it may be convenient to order fast food or other quick service options, the dollars spent may not have the perceived value. While life always has a balance, the truth is that home-cooked meals are more than just satisfying a mealtime hunger. They form the basis of good choices for life.

Recently, Knorr partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to foster a conversation about creating healthy habits on and off the plate. From offering cooking classes in various locations to providing lifestyle support, this collaboration seeks to offer all the tools to put children and families on the path to success.

According to Bentley King, director of Scratch Cooking North America at Unilever, Knorr seeks to emphasize how easy delicious and nutritious meals are to prepare in the home kitchen. “The belief that healthy, nutritious food should be accessible and affordable for everyone is embedded in everything we do at Knorr. Through education and access, the idea is to show that cooking, not ordering, is a viable solution for anyone looking to implement healthy habits.

At a recent event with Chef Millie Peartree, the celebrity chef led a group of young cooks in an easy-to-follow recipe for Teriyaki Chicken and Lettuce Wraps. Building on a restaurant favorite, Peartree’s version showed how to make a simple, tasty, and budget-friendly meal that the whole family will enjoy. Considering that the dish cost only a few dollars per serving, it proves that healthy habits are achievable with the right tools.

While Peartree guided the young cooks through a cooking demonstration, the biggest takeaway wasn’t necessarily that inexperienced cooks could master this recipe, that the recipe could be tailored to suit different flavor profiles or even that the ingredients are profitable. This is the culinary experience.

The old phrase about teaching a man to fish has the same application in the kitchen. Teaching someone to cook and giving them the tools to embrace this culinary creativity is a gift for life.

This packet of Knorr Seasoned Rice on the shelf is an invitation to cooking, an abundance of possibilities, and a desire to explore what’s possible. Instead of another tasteless meal from a brown bag, seasonings open the door to what food can be. It doesn’t take that long, but it does take a willingness to open the container and see where the possibilities take you.

Are you ready to develop healthy habits? The kitchen is open and Knorr has a shelf full of pending opportunities.

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