Halloween wraps up filming with cast sharing new behind-the-scenes footage

The Slashers have had a major year so far in 2022 with both returning Yell and Chainsaw Massacre franchises, but what most horror fans are looking forward to is the release of the latest movie in David Gordon Greenit’s Halloween trilogy, Halloween ends. This highly anticipated slasher sequel hits theaters in October, but it’s now been announced that the film has just wrapped principal photography in Savannah, Georgia. Since filming began on the production in early January, fans have been treated to plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from Jamie Lee Curtis‘ final arc as Laurie Strode. To continue this trend and mark the end of production, a few cast and crew members have shared new stills from the set.


The first image is from the producer of the horror film Ryan Turek who shared a beautiful sunset on the set of the last night of the teams. They appear to be on a bridge and in the background is an Easter egg from the series for eagle-eyed viewers. On a building sign in the distance is an advertisement for The Rabbit in Red Lounge which was seen as an advertisement on Marion Chambers’ matchbox in John Charpentierit’s original Halloween. The first two films of this new Halloween the trilogy has been full of fun franchise references and this trilogy capper looks no different. Turek in his post called the cast and crew amazing while commenting that the final night was emotional.

Picture via dimension movies

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The following post comes from the slasher’s makeup artist Christopher Nelson who is also best known for playing the cop who gets his head turned into a pumpkin by Micheal Myers in Halloween 2018. The image Nelson posted is what appears to be a wrapping gift for the crew of Curtis, Green, co-author Danny McBrideand the producers Malek Akkad, invoice blockand Jason Blum. The note on the gift shows the appreciation of the whole team who made these three films in four years and the label presents a cool 2018-2022 Halloween Crew logo featuring a classic knife image with The Shape himself hidden behind. Nelson’s message accompanying his post shares the same sentiment as the gift wrap thanking the cast and crew while saying it was an honor to be a part of the franchise. He also teases what to expect from their latest film, saying, “I think fans will be surprised and really love this chapter.”

The final image is by Michael Myers himself James Jude Courtney who has played the character creepily since Halloween 2018. He shared a photo of himself without a mask and hanging out with the “brilliant” set photographer Ryan Green. Like the sinister Shape, he is a man of few words. However, he writes about how well he played the iconic slasher killer and teases that there’s “more to come.”

It’s hard to believe that Green’s latest film Halloween the trilogy is over, but here we are. What makes this feeling of melancholy a little easier for horror fans is seeing how much these cast and crew love each other. You can definitely feel the emotions reading each of the posts and that’s one of the few reasons why this particular chapter is going to be special. This movie is going to be the end of a lot of things. There will definitely be more Halloween entries in the future, but above all else, this will likely be the last time we see Curtis’ version of Laurie Strode. Curtis finished his part of the film late last month and there was a sense of finality in his individual posts on the subject, which is also felt in these new posts. This new Halloween The trilogy has been brutal, bloody, and high body count so far, but this time around there seems to be an emotionally dark added punch to the impending bloodbath of this upcoming final chapter. There is still plenty of time to enjoy this festive ride between now and October. However, whether it’s hearing Carpenter’s awesome new musical scores or seeing Curtis return to fight Myers alongside other legacy actors like Kyle Richardsthis has been a horror trilogy like no other.

There are many questions to be answered in Ends like Laurie Strode or Michael Myers will survive, and what will remain of Haddonfield after The Boogeyman? We’re sure to hear more in the coming months and when. Halloween ends comes home one last time in theaters on October 14, 2022.

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