Google 3D Animal List: Lions, Tigers, Dinosaurs and more!


At its I / O conference in 2019, Google announced that it would add augmented reality objects to search. During the year since, Google has a bunch of 3D animals that you can view in Google Search using AR. Here is the full list that we are constantly updating.

How to find animals in 3D on Google

Google’s AR objects in search are incredibly easy to access. Objects are added to research in the belief that the easiest way to learn something is to see it. By seeing things in augmented reality (AR), users can see the scale of an object and also details that they might not notice from a simple image.

To keep this easy to access, Google places its 3D animals and other AR objects at the top of the search. For example, searching for “tiger” will display a Google search knowledge panel. These panels are often featured for movies, famous celebrities, and other topics. In the case of a 3D animal via Google, you will see a preview of what the animal is, some pictures or him, and a section that says “Meet a life-size tiger up close” and a “View in 3D” button. This button launches the AR experience.

 google 3d animals tiger 3d view your space

What you need to “show in your space” AR objects on Google

Google’s 3D animals are different on every device. Typically, you might not see AR or 3D objects on a desktop or laptop computer. Instead, you’ll need a supported smartphone to view these objects using Google’s “display in space” option.

The good news? Most modern smartphones are supported! To display AR objects in Google search, you will need:

  • Android smartphone or tablet: Android 7.0 or higher with preinstalled Google Play Store
  • iPhone / iPad: iOS 11.0 or higher

This includes the most popular smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S8 / S9 / S10 / S20, Note 8/9/10, any Google Pixel smartphone and other Android devices from LG, Motorola and other brands. When it comes to Apple devices, iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X, and 11 are all supported, as are most iPads.

How do I access the “view in space” option? After pressing “view in 3D”, any supported device will display a “view in your space” button under the 3D animal. This can be seen below.

In particular, you can resize the animal from its actual size by pinching it. Slowly, its size will decrease to better adapt to your environment.

If you are not sure that 3D animals and other AR objects in Google search will work, give it a try!

So which AR animals can you see in Google search? For a while, Google didn’t come up with an official list, but the viral nature of these objects ultimately led the company to put one. The list below clearly shows all of the 3D animals currently available on Google search. We’ve also worked with a lot of them so you can see how they work in action.

These include:

There are also over 30 different dog breeds on Google’s list, including the following:

Google also adds more over time! This list has grown since Google originally announced 3D animals in 2019. Google is also expanding the functionality of these panels with video recording tools and quick shortcuts to other animals.

In October 2021, Google added a collection of endangered animals to its list, including the adorable arctic fox.

 google search 3D dinosaurs

Google also added dinosaurs in a recent update! The full list of prehistoric creatures includes:

Beyond dinosaurs, Google has also added a collection of insects to this collection with different types of beetles, cicadas and others such as fireflies, grasshoppers and others. The full list is below.

Google search isn’t all about 3D animals. In addition to this, Google can also display other objects. To do this, Google is partnering with certain websites and brands to showcase products, furniture, and even the human body in 3D. We’ve listed a few examples below that are live right now, and we have another article that goes into more detail about the other items available.

Google has also worked with Biodigital to offer a handful of 3D experiences, much like 3D animals, on the human body with detailed models of the different body systems. Experiences include:

 google 3d skeleton

There are also a plethora of other parts of the body that 3D experiences are available for, but you’ll need to use specific keywords (which we’ve linked) to access them.

Additionally, a separate partnership with Visual Body features 3D models of cells from different animals, all in Google Search. Each template specifically details different parts of the cell in a simple way that teachers may find useful for their students. The different experiences include:

 google 3d animal cell

In August, Google again expanded its collection of 3D objects with molecules that help teach the subject of chemistry. There are 25 new items, all listed and linked below.

 Google 3D Molecules

Some of these examples aren’t as straightforward as 3D animals, however, as 3D models appear lower in search results alongside the websites that power them. Occasionally, too, they just don’t appear. Planets, for example, appear more reliably when you add “in depth” to the search query. There are even more items on the list! These include:


In December 2020, Google added over 250 car and truck models to search with 3D models. Unlike Google’s 3D animals, these are more advanced with interchangeable backgrounds when viewing only the 3D model, and even the ability to view the interior of the vehicle in augmented reality. Much of this information is processed outside the device and streamed, resulting in a higher quality picture.

There is no published list of all vehicle supported at this time, but we’ve captured a handful below. In reality, you’re much more likely to find a car that is supported than one that isn’t, but some notable omissions include Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Subaru Crosstrek, and Toyota Camry vehicles.

NEW: In April 2021, Google added another set of AR objects to search alongside its 3D animals. The latest bundle includes Japanese video game characters and more. These include Pac-Man, Gundam, Hello Kitty, Ultraman, etc. The full list follows:

 Google 3D Hello Kitty

Learn more about Google AR objects:

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