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Treat yourself and have your concert prints framed!

By the JamBase team August 6, 2021 12:28 p.m. PDT

Level Frames makes framing very easy without the hassle, added expense, and long waits of getting your prints to a frame store.

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Concert posters can come in very odd sizes, so using Level Frames will allow you to create the exact frame size your print needs to create the perfect display design. You’ll also save time trying to research specific sizes in the store that big box stores are unlikely to sell.

The signature element of Level Frames is the fully personalized DIY frame. They handcraft your frames to fit the dimensions you supply and ship them out within days. Orders arrive in about a week with instructions, a small tool kit, and everything you need to assemble the artwork yourself.

Keeping your posters around the house in tubes and cardboard packaging for years is a safe way to damage them. Left on for too long, this temporary wrapper puts your treasured memories at high risk of fading, creasing, and other damage that affects the value of your print.

Standard frames come with standard cardboard and glass which also quickly damage your print over time. Level Frames uses archival materials such as mats and acid-free backing boards to protect your artwork from yellowing or fading and high quality acrylic which filters UV, resists shattering and will prevent your poster from fading.

Timeless design is just as important to consider when creating a frame that’s built to last for years. It’s tempting to go for a rainbow of matte colors and frames to match vibrant concert posters, but a simpler design will keep the emphasis on the artwork. Level design experts recommend choosing a frame color that complements your favorite element in the artwork and a matte color that doesn’t compete for attention.

Staying true to your style while completing the poster will allow you to enjoy the frame for years to come, no matter where you hang it in your home.

Investing a little more in the protection of works of art goes a long way. Level Frames also offers framed prints, collage frames, framed vinyl albums, and studio framing services if you prefer to send your art to them for professional framing.

Level Frames offer free shipping to the US and they will add gift wrap with a personalized note at no additional cost. Treat yourself and have your concert prints framed! Visit Level Frames today to learn more and save 10% on your first purchase.

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