General Lattice awarded contract with the US military to improve the energy absorption of the next-generation combat helmet through 3D printing


CHICAGO–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – General Lattice, Inc., is developing a set of predictive modeling tools to design and generate mesh materials based on real data, which will improve impact absorption technology for the combat helmet of the US Army. The one-year research and development project is currently underway at General Lattice’s facilities in Chicago, Illinois.

The capabilities of the traditional foam material have been exhausted and General Lattice designs and authenticates its replacement using 3D printing and advanced network geometries. The state-of-the-art mesh materials designed by the Company are inaccessible with conventional composites and manufacturing technologies. These generated mesh materials will interact with real environment testing to accurately validate key performance requirements as defined by the Development Command Soldier Center (DEVCOM-SC). It is about improving the protection of the soldier and the survival capacity of the fighter.

The company selected samples of attributes, materials and candidate materials applicable to the suspension system and shock absorption of the combat helmet. Samples of fabricated trellises will be tested to measure the accuracy of General Lattice’s predictive model. The set of predictive tools will be the main output of the contract, allowing DEVCOM-SC to efficiently explore lattice infill profiles for future use in a myriad of applications.

Mesh materials will revolutionize the way companies manufacture innovative new products in all commercial, industrial and military markets. The use of advanced lattice materials and 3D printing allow General Lattice to design and manufacture true personalized products that are precisely tuned to specific biometric characteristics without the added costs and waste traditionally associated with personalization efforts. This is possible thanks to the Company’s expertise in computer design and digital manufacturing.

General Lattice is delighted to partner with All Points Logistics LLC, an engineering, software development and technology company that has provided high-value services and solutions to the military and federal markets for over 20 years. In addition, General Lattice will work with GoProto, Inc., a rapid manufacturing company based in San Diego, California.

About General Lattice

As a leader in additive manufacturing, General Lattice provides end-to-end computer design and digital manufacturing solutions on a service and software basis. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about General Lattice, Inc., visit or contact [email protected] Follow the company on Instagram @generallattice.

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