Focus on vision: November 14, 2022

AMETEK acquires Navitar

AMETEK, Inc. acquired Navitara provider of advanced optical components and solutions for high precision applications headquartered in Rochester, New York. Navitar designs, develops and manufactures custom and fully integrated optical imaging systems, cameras, components and software. Its optical solutions serve applications in high-growth end markets, including medical and life sciences, machine vision and robotics, and industrial automation.

Camera repair vs camera replacement

American Industrial will not repair a camera if it cannot fully test it. According to the company’s chief engineer, the first thing he does with any camera is OEM documentation, OEM software, OEM cabling, any plug-in modules, or whatever else is needed to fully test. this unit. American Industrial will test all aspects including I/O.

3D scanner/software combination inspects beverage cans

A global beverage manufacturer needed to inspect can pressure to improve quality management and reduce short downtimes during the filling process due to, for example, defective surface curvatures of a can . To eliminate this downtime, optimize the process and increase can production, the manufacturer sought to develop an app to inspect can pressure. The challenge the manufacturer faced was to inspect the pressure of cans directly on a conveyor belt at top speed using 3D scanning.

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