Facade BIM modeling is gaining popularity in the AEC industry


BIM facade modeling for construction

3D BIM modeling for innovative construction project deliverables

3D BIM modeling for innovative construction project deliverables

Virtual design and build for transparent design support

Virtual design and build for transparent design support

BIM consulting services

BIM consulting services

BIM Façade Engineering visualizes the building design process according to the manufacturer’s specifications and information.

Depending on the needs of AEC clients, our BIM service providers use multiple levels of detail ranging from 100 to 500 BIM.

– Sukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, United States, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The production of facades has evolved from an “exposed glass frame” to a “semi-exposed frame” or a “hidden frame with full glass”. In the AEC industry, facade is an interdisciplinary design technique that incorporates stones, metals and man-made panels. In high-rise buildings, energy-efficient facade panels and photoelectric facades are gaining popularity. Therefore, facade BIM modeling has also grown in importance. Architecture, engineering and construction professionals use facade design technologies to create a building model ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

What is a facade?

The term “facade” comes from the Italian word “facciata”, which designates the exterior face of a building. The facade of a building with the main entrance is indicated by the facade detail technique. The rear facade is the rear exterior wall of the building, while the side facades are the exterior walls of the building. To support construction data, material fabrication, and quantity calculation / cost estimate, facade BIM modelers create complete 3D models and construction drawings.

Interesting projects on facade design engineering:

· The Phoenix International Media Center in Beijing Chaoyang Park spans 65,000 square meters and rises to 55 meters. Built with a unitary combination of facades manufacturing, the technology demonstrates originality and profitability.

The weather-resistant steel and glass façade design of the 675,000 square foot Barclays Center emphasizes the balance of unique shape and good performance, ensuring 12,000 weather-resistant steel grates for a precise visualization of the building shape.

What does facade engineering consist of?

• Modeling as built

• Curtain wall details

• Facade BIM coordination

• Facade shop drawings

• Facade details

• Manufacturing drawings

BIM services for facade contractors:

BIM services help develop complete 3D models for facade contractors, manufacturers, consultants and suppliers. Facade BIM engineering visualizes the entire building design process according to the manufacturer’s specifications and information. For future reference, the technique incorporates vital information about the manufacturer, accessories and contact details.

Facade modeling services include:

Design concept

Shop drawings

Coordination with BIM models

Manufacturing documents and manufacturing drawings

Cost estimate

Creation of as-built model

Software applications used for facade modeling:

Revit, Navisworks Manage, Frame Analysis

Level of detail for facade BIM modeling:

Regarding the LOD used for facade BIM modeling, the vice president of Tejjy Inc. commented:

“Depending on the needs of AEC clients, our BIM service providers use multiple levels of detail ranging from 100 to 500 BIM.”

• LOD 100 – Conceptual design, showing the initial image or macro design of the structure

• LOD 200 – Geometric diagram and preliminary draft

• LOD 300 – Precise geometry, displaying complete construction drawings

• LOD 400 – Geometry ready for fabrication in the model with specific objects, systems, assembly and installation information

• LOD 500 – Field validated model as built in shape, size, location, orientation and quantity for maintenance and operations

The advantages of facade BIM modeling at a glance:

· Evaluate important building components for design, suitability and visualization.

· Design high-quality building envelopes in a short time.

· Perform rapid calculations and analyzes on modeling, planning and disposal.

· Solve aesthetic and structural issues for an effective building fence.

· Collaborate in the design-build process with curtain walls in a BIM model through structural glazing and metal composite panel.

· Develop 3D BIM models and facade drawings for hotels, resorts and high rise buildings.

· Manufacture of hardware components and assembly.

· Allow facade designers to work in a 3D model, improving collaboration between project stakeholders and disciplines.

· Minimize errors and rework, improve project delivery times and understand construction work processes.

Integration of technology with facade BIM modeling

Facade BIM modeling transforms the AEC workflow by integrating virtual reality (VR) and virtual design and construction (VDC).

Virtual reality:

• Improved communication between AEC specialists working on facade design

• 3D modeling allows the exchange of ideas while emphasizing the shapes, volumes and exterior space of the facade.

• Manufacture and assembly of the hardware components after the completion of the BIM facade design model.

• Plan facade model data using design components with separate numeric codes.

• Nomenclature / Stripping of quantities for manufacturing and material placement in design panels

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction)

• Provide design teams with the ability to create parametric models using VDC (Virtual Design and Construction).

• From design to prefabrication and modular construction, the data is captured.

• Facade BIM visualization leads to multidisciplinary coordination, structural analysis of the panel and estimation of quantities.

Facade design process by BIM

For architectural, structural and MEPFP services, the process of designing facades through BIM building information modeling has become very important. In many ways, the method changed the design elements of the facade.

• Parametric BIM design affects facade algorithms, causing changes in the shape of facade panels.

• The presence of design factors in the facade model allows for rapid model calculation and analysis, as well as layout and evacuation.

• Varying levels of detail define the effectiveness of building modeling components (LOD 100-500).

Design visualization

• A 3D BIM model communicates design information for better communication with stakeholders.

• Redesign the project to eliminate financial losses.

• 3D visualization allows to design structural facades, such as edges, connections and trimming of structural panels.

• Identifies and resolves conflicts between various disciplines, thereby improving the quality of the design.

• The construction of the information base is facilitated by multi-view sectional plans generated from a 3D model.

• Information on architectural, structural and MEPFP services is obtained from the technical drawings of the curtain wall model.

Collision detection:

• For automatic identification and resolution of conflicts, facade designers work with electromechanical engineers.

• Pre-construction errors are easily identified, allowing for analysis, planning and evaluation. construction management.

Looking for the best BIM facade engineering company:

During the early stages of building design, Tejjy Inc.’s BIM consultants with over 15 years of experience provide 3D modeling, coordination and as-built modeling for facades. Curtain wall system, metal composite panel cladding, structural glazing, doors, windows and skylights are some of the company’s main facade services.

Expert BIM engineers in DC, Baltimore and elsewhere evaluate facade ideas and build 3D models based on the needs of AEC customers. They create models of metal facades to facilitate collaboration and ensure safe design, manufacture and installation for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Make an appointment with Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected] to receive the best facade design using Building Information Modeling.

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