Every high quality “Rings of Power” prop you can 3D print right now

Amazon has given us, the creators of the world, a lot to play with in its new series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Based on Tolkien’s seminal Second Age works, it offers incredible armor and accessories that we’ve never seen before. With the advent of the house 3D printingthese accessories can be ours if we can design them ourselves or, if we don’t have the skills to make them, find someone who will.

I used some of best 3d printers to create beautiful accessories, including the broken sword from Rings of Power, but I was hungry for more. So I scoured the internet to find my favorite Rings of Power 3D models that you can print at home. All of these patterns are available to buy and print at home and offer instructions on how best to do it.

If you’re looking for a way to get more bang for your buck, consider following these creators on Patreon. For a few dollars a month, you can access not just these templates, but entire catalogs of amazing work.

Andy Valentine

One of the very first posters we saw of the TV series was this handsome dagger. It is currently held by Galadriel but appears to have belonged to her brother Finrod before his death. The silver and gold intertwined signify the two trees of Valinor that gave life to the world before the Sun and Moon existed.

This model by Andy Valentine is a careful recreation – I know it was painstaking watching it unfold on Twitter – and it turned out beautiful. He even added the sheath in case you want to print that too.

James Bricknell/CBS

I confess that I fell in love with this sword as soon as I saw it, so when Nikko Industries made the pattern I knew I had to. You can read all about the lore of this sword and my journey through printing and painting my prop, or you can head straight to Nikko Industries and purchase it for yourself! I printed the whole thing in one piece first, but the model is also available with the blade detached for easier painting.

Matteo Moscatelli

As soon as I saw this little statue, I knew I needed it. The design makes Galadriel both cute and fierce. It should be a simple print with just a bit of support on her arms and the ends of her hair. And it’s less than a dollar to buy the file!

Lauren cosplays

Power rings give us a slightly different view of Galadriel. In this story, she is the commander of the armies of the north and is often seen wielding a sword or wielding a dagger in battle. When the first screenshots were released, Lauren, an amazingly skilled cosplayer, set about modeling the armor and sword she was to wear.

The cosplay was so good that Lauren was invited to the Rings of Power premiere and got to talk to Morfydd Clar who plays Galadriel on the show. Lauren posted the model for the sword so everyone can have one too.

Andy Valentine

Andy Valentine made several pieces in September for the show as part of his “one model a day” competition. This brooch is a simple model of Elrond’s coat.

Elrond Half-Elven is relatively young as Rings of Power takes place and has yet to be ordained Lord of Rivendell. He is still a diplomat and friend of Disa’s husband, the dwarf Durin.


Originally thought to be a sword of the Rohirrim, this blade is wielded by Halbrand, a new character from Rings of Power and one that has a lot of theories swirling about him. Some believe he is Sauron in disguise; others think he might be the Witch King of Angmar. I like to think he might end up being the father of Eorl the Younger as well as the founder of the Men of Rohan.

Whoever he is is wielding a Númenór sword with a horse’s head on it which I think looks amazing so I’m going to 3D print it to add to the collection.

Andy Valentine

The amazing thing about this prop is that it’s barely in the show, but it’s still a work of art. For context, Feanor is said to be the greatest elf-smith of all time. He used this hammer to create the Silmarils – the jewels that contain part of the light from the two trees of Valinor – and although some have praised him for it, this process has somehow triggered the complete downfall of the elves. It’s a long story.

Anyway, this model is easy to print in several parts, and the jewels are separated so you can print them in different colors.

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