Even kids can use this 3D printer, and it’s over $100 off now



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If you’re part of the active, tech-savvy community known as makers, you’ve known the future has been here for some time. With 3D printers, artists and technicians can create on-screen models and turn them into real objects with the push of a button. They’re the ultimate creative tool, and the price has been the only thing keeping them out of reach for curious kids – until now. Toybox is a kid-friendly 3D printer with all the features a budding creator needs with an interface that’s easy enough for a kid to use. And right now, it’s 25% off.

If your kids have enough imagination, this might be the only toy they’ll ever need. Toybox is a real 3D printer that you can set up in minutes. Verified customer Matthew H. mentions, “Hardware was easy to set up and calibrate (just turn a screw)… The kids loved making lots of things and after several weeks they started printing things in parts. , which I love to see. Someday I expect them to use Tinkercad to design their own printables, but they’re not ready for that yet.”

The Toybox works by spinning safe, biodegradable filament on a rubber printer bed, and no special tools are needed to remove your creations. Instead, you feed instructions into the companion app, and Toybox brings it to life. It’s so easy.

Both the manual and the app give you plenty of templates to get you started. These include everything from toy cars to action figures of Batman and Wonder Woman (thanks to officially licensed models from Warner Brothers). Before long, you and your kids will want to start creating your own designs, and Toybox will be ready. You can draw 3D designs directly in the app and watch them become IRL toys.

The system comes with the CPU and eight colors of filament, which is more than enough to get you started. This Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe set is on sale now for $349.99, down $119 from MSRP.

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