Discover the magic of Van Gogh inside his works at the Sarasota exhibition

Fusing projection technology with beautiful artwork may seem risky, but Paquin Entertainment Group’s collaboration with Normal Studio has created an incredible way to experience Impressionist Vincent Can Gogh like no one has before.

The groups immerse the art lover in Van Gogh’s masterpieces using four trillion pixels to create an “otherworldly” event where the viewer finds themselves within the painting.

“An experience like this is magical in its own way. It allows you to see it on a whole new scale with the life brought back to it and vibrate with it,” shared art history consultant Fanny Curtat for ‘Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’.

The exhibit is now open at the Starry Night Pavilion in downtown Sarasota University. Three hundred works of art by Van Gogh are projected in the 50,000 square foot space.

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“It’s really for everyone,” Curtat said. “Whether you know a lot about him (Vincent Can Gogh) or you don’t.”

Art lovers will recognize famous pieces like ‘Cafe’ Terrace at Night’, ‘Almond Blossom’ and ‘The Starry Night’.

The hope is that the untrained and uninitiated will experience the artwork to be inspired.

“You want to discover. You’re curious,” Curtat said of the exhibit, “You want to be inside the colors. You want a distraction.”

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