Conservative group attacks Gavin Newsom with work claiming he is a “vaccine supremacist”


A secret cabal of street performers has blanketed an affluent Los Angeles beach community with posters depicting California Governor Gavin Newsom as some kind of Nazi vaccine that demands obedience from its citizens.

The artwork hung in dozens of spots at Pacific Palisades a week before Californians voted on whether Newsom should be recalled and, if he is, polls indicate the radio host Larry Elder would probably replace him.

The artwork features a cartoonish image of Newsom sporting an Adolph Hitler-type mustache with a syringe in one hand and the text “Obey!” in big letters. In one corner is a swastika made of hypodermic needles. Posters, which look like paid ads but are not, were near the UCLA campus on Tuesday, at a Whole Foods grocery store, at several banks, and near the homes of several Hollywood celebrities including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon , Tom Hanks, JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg, the latter a major contributor to the Newsom campaign.

On September 7, 2021, a week before Californians voted in a Gavin Newsom recall election, street performers attacked with dozens of posters. This one hung in Pasadena.
Courtesy of the faction

While most of the few dozen posters that could be spotted on Tuesday were in Pacific Palisades, a larger one measuring around 4 feet tall was displayed in Pasadena.

The artists behind Tuesday’s action are collectively called The Faction, and they said News week that they regard Newsom as a “vaccine supremacist” against the coronavirus who “rules by decree, demanding faithful follow-up of his edicts while ignoring the law, real science and the judiciary.”

Under Newsom, California was among the first states to mandate vaccines for healthcare workers and teachers and other public school staff, while Elder said it would repeal all mask and vaccine mandates. ‘he was elected governor.

Anti-Gavin Newsom Street Art
Dozens of anti-Gavin Newsom posters appeared in Pacific Palisades, this one on Sunset Boulevard, on September 7, 2021, a week before Californians voted on whether or not to remove the governor.
Courtesy of the faction

The faction has hit several parts of Southern California on multiple occasions, always mocking the Liberals with posters, fake billboards and fake advertisements. A month before the last presidential election, for example, the group hijacked a giant billboard on the Sunset Strip to claim “Joe Biden is Swamp Thing,” a reference to former President Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp ”of career politicians. in Washington.

Two years earlier, after vandals used a pickaxe to destroy Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Faction worked through the night to replace it and added a few dozen more.

The faction sometimes collaborates with a street performer who uses the pseudonym “Sabo” and has hung dozens of posters in California that look like authentic ads for Elder – one featuring him with Newsom in boxers, the latter exclaiming, “Rules for you but not for me.”

Joe Biden as Swamp Thing
The Faction, a secretive group of conservative artists, hijacked a billboard in Hollywood to attack Joe Biden in October 2020.
Peter Duke

But in this case, The Faction and Sabo are working separately and the former is not promoting Elder or any of the dozens of other gubernatorial candidates vying for Newsom. They are simply trying to ridicule Newsom about its pandemic policies which they say have “destroyed lives and small businesses.”

Other targets of The Faction in recent years include CNN, Representative Maxine Waters, TV personalities Bill Maher and John Oliver and actor Jussie Smollett, whom authorities accuse of falsely claiming to have been victimized. a racist attack.

In 2017, The Faction teamed up with Sabo and made the news around the world with bogus commercials for bus stops that showed disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein posing next to actress Meryl Streep with a red stripe over her eyes that said, “She knew”.

Trump Stars Walk of Fame
In August 2018, a group called The Faction replaced Donald Trump’s vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with dozens of others.
Courtesy of the faction

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