Colorful Zetteler desk in London by Studio Rhonda

A colorful office in London imagined as a post-pandemic workspace

London consultancy Zetteler unveils new post-pandemic offices by Studio Rhonda, a colorful vegan space designed for connection

In the wake of the pandemic, London-based communications consultant Sabine Zetteler worked with local interior designer Rhonda Drakeford of Studio Rhonda to reimagine her office space in Hackney, east London.

“We spend a lot of time thinking and writing about the future of the workspace,” says Zetteler. ‘Coming out of lockdown, we realized that the old nine-to-five office model wasn’t really fit for purpose anymore, so we decided to create something new and more relevant to the office model flexible working which we have adopted as a result of Covid.’

Zetteler desk by Studio Rhonda

The new office is a radical and colorful redesign of the 1,000 square foot industrial space, divided into three zones, each defined by a distinctive aesthetic and functionality. In the main workspace, a wooden table by Max Lamb for Hem takes center stage with Herman Miller desk chairs, and the room doubles as a bookcase, with a wall-to-wall bookcase hidden behind a discreet light blue curtain.

To the rear is a café-style lounging area, furnished with sofas and smaller tables, and a wooden kitchen by Hølte (a Zetteler client whose studio is also in the building). Between the two is a striking, purpose-built meeting room in the open space with translucent glass bricks and blue walls. Color helps distinguish each space, from the duck blue of the work space to the warm tones of the lounge area, with colorful furniture complementing each composition.

As part of the brief, it was necessary for the office to be vegan, while providing a deaf-friendly environment (as Sabine Zetteler suffers from severe conductive hearing loss, a traditional open-plan layout and some hard materials would have made the office an impractical workspace). Working together, Drakeford and Zetteler designed partitions of alternative acoustic materials that met both needs.

Avoiding a standard approach to occupying the office, the new space was designed to become “a flexible resource” that the team can use as a space to work, hold meetings and organize events or workshops. Most importantly, Zetteler aims to make the location accessible to the agency’s broader community of creatives, start-ups and charities. §

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