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Students at Clear Creek Elementary School in Clear Lake sit in the newly renovated library for story time on Tuesday.

Lisa Grouette

It is not common for a student to say that he designed a part of his school.

Sixth-grader Berkley Eden can brag about helping design the library remodel at Clear Creek Elementary School, however.

Clear Creek Elementary School needed a library overhaul, which had never been updated before, according to principal Sally Duesenberg.

“The (renovation) process started last year when we were talking about a remodel. It hadn’t been updated and it was the original from 1998, so it was about time, ”Dusenberg said.

Duesenberg said he was suggested to have a library design challenge in the “Makerspace,” which is in a side room connected to the library, where students learn how to develop and practice the skills. STEM. The design challenge was aimed at fifth graders and was voted on by class peers.

Clear Creek Elementary School - refurbished library - coding girls

Clear Creek (LR) first graders Jayden, Harmony, Huttyn and Reese work on a STEM-based coding exercise on Tuesday in a study room inside the newly renovated library.

Lisa Grouette

Emily Hill, an innovation specialist at Clear Lake, said the students were using Tinkercad, a 3D modeling program, to create 3D models of their library of dreams.

“This challenge was to redesign the library to fit the different sections that we needed,” Hill said. “We wanted a comfortable seating area, we needed a reading area. We obviously needed tables for meetings, then shelves. The children knew what had to be and they just had to design it. “

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“I wish there was more space between the tables because I never had enough room,” Eden said. “Much better chairs because I didn’t like the chairs.”

Clear Creek Elementary School - refurbished library - coding

On Tuesday, a group of elementary school students from Clear Creek participate in a STEM-based coding activity in a study room inside the library.

Lisa Grouette

Eden had an idea in her head of what she wanted with her dream library space and received help with her family members. Hill said there were six final designs for the students to vote on, but Eden won by a landslide.

“Most of my friends just said I’ll vote for you, just tell me what design,” Eden said.

Eden then presented her winning design to Superintendent Doug Gee, indicating where each room in the library should be. Hill, who was in the room when Eden presented, said she detailed each room and the details of the design.

“(Gee) asked some really good questions about things versus other things, like do you think this reading nook would be a good idea here,” Hill said.

Duesenberg consulted Eden for the choice of colors and the operation of certain features in the library. Duesenberg said the renovation process began in early May and ended this week with the books returning to the shelves. Graphic decals will be added to the library walls later.

“It was fun, even if it was done in stages. It was fun seeing everything in its place and now when we unpack all the books that’s where the fun really starts, ”said Duesenberg.

“It’s really exciting to finally see the furniture here. I can’t wait for the teachers to come out of their class and bring their kids here, ”Hill said.

Eden saw the newly remodeled room for the first time on Tuesday and said it was “really cool” to see the final product. The library will be open to parents at parent-teacher conferences next week.

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