CEVA, Beken and VisiSonics Announce Benchmark Design for 3D Spatial Audio in TWS Headsets and Earphones


ROCKVILLE, Maryland., September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and intelligent sensing technologies, with Beken Corporation, a key player in wireless communications solutions, and VisiSonics, the leader technology of 3D spatial audio technologies, today announced the availability of a comprehensive 3D audio reference design for the rapid deployment of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headsets and earphones supporting spatial audio for use in games, multimedia and conferences.

The benchmark design is based on Beken’s BK3288X Bluetooth Audio SoC series comprising the CEVA-X2 audio DSP running VisiSonics RealSpace® 3D audio software, as well as CEVA’s MotionEngine â„¢ Hear head tracking algorithms. This highly optimized hardware and software solution offers OEMs and ODMs a cost-effective, ready-to-deploy SoC with best-in-class performance, using any audio encoding format, to introduce the best 3D audio hearing experience for virtual reality . , AR and the new generation of motion sensitive headphones. The single-chip reference design provides a stand-alone 3D audio solution, residing entirely on the headphone side, eliminating the need for a 3D audio renderer on the host device, which also enables a lower latency design.

“We are delighted to partner with CEVA and Beken to create a benchmark design that includes our state-of-the-art RealSpace 3D Audio technology,” said Dr. Ramani duraiswami, CEO, VisiSonics. “Our common benchmark design provides consumer electronics OEMs and ODMs with a complete hardware and software solution to add 3D spatial audio to their product line of TWS headphones and earphones.

“Over the past decade, we have been at the forefront of the wireless audio revolution, powering hundreds of millions of Bluetooth enabled audio devices,” said Weifeng Wang, vice president of engineering, Beken Corporation. “Spatial Audio takes the wireless audio user experience to the next level and we are delighted to partner with CEVA and VisiSonics to make it easy for our customers to leverage this exciting new technology in a cost-effective and energy-efficient turnkey offering. . We look forward to seeing the innovative use cases that the mass market adoption of spatial audio will drive for the audio, gaming, and augmented reality / reality industries.

“Space audio is an incredibly hot market right now, as the Android and PC ecosystems seek to leverage the industry momentum behind its use in music and games to create immersive audio experiences,” said declared Moshe Sheier, Vice President of Marketing at CEVA. “Our collaboration with Beken and VisiSonics aims to help OEMs and ODMs approach this growing market with a complete, stand-alone turnkey solution for spatial audio that can be quickly deployed in headsets and earphones.

The 3D audio reference design is now available direct from CEVA, and the associated software package combining RealSpace 3D audio from VisiSonics with MotionEngine â„¢ Hear from CEVA is now available for license by CEVA and VisiSonics.

About VisiSonics
VisiSonics is a 3D spatial audio technology company with a comprehensive suite of products that improves performance and the overall end-user experience by increasing situational or space awareness, reducing listener fatigue and enhancing improving reaction time. Our offer includes 3D audio rendering, capture and analysis and customization software as well as acoustic visualization and measurement solutions. VisiSonics’ physics-based RealSpace 3D audio technology is licensed from consumer electronics brands, semiconductor manufacturers, game developers, and the military. For more information, please visit www.VisiSonics.com.

About Beken
Beken Corporation (SSE: 603068) was founded in december 2004 by a technical team from Silicon Valley from United States. It focuses on the application area of ​​intelligent transportation and smart home, which is a well-known listed company in the field of designing wireless connection chip design for Internet of things in China.

Since its inception, the company has a comprehensive wireless communication product platform after 16 years of product and technology accumulation, supporting rich wireless protocols and communication standards. It provides wireless connection system (SOC) level chips with low power consumption and high performance for RF receiver and transmitter and built-in microprocessor for domestic and overseas customers, including many brands of world-renowned, and also provides complete wireless communication solutions for intelligent transport and Internet of Things and other applications. Visit www.bekencorp.com.

About CEVA, Inc.
CEVA is the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies for a smarter, safer and more connected world. We provide digital signal processors, AI engines, wireless platforms, crypto cores and complementary software for sensor fusion, image enhancement, computer vision, capture voice and artificial intelligence. These technologies are offered in conjunction with our Intrinsix turnkey chip design services, helping our customers manage their most complex and urgent integrated circuit design projects. Leveraging our technologies and chip design skills, many of the world’s largest semiconductor, system and OEM manufacturers are creating energy-efficient, smart, secure and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, robotics, industrial, aerospace & defense, and IoT markets.

Our DSP-based solutions include platforms for 5G baseband processing in mobile, IoT and infrastructure, advanced imaging and computer vision for any device equipped with a camera, audio / voice / speech and ultra-low permanent / sensing power consumption applications for multiple IoT markets. For sensor fusion, our Hillcrest Laboratories Sensor Processing Technologies provide a wide range of sensor fusion software and inertial measurement unit (“IMU”) solutions for the hearing aid, wearable, AR / VR, PC, robotics, remote control and IoT markets . For wireless IoT, our platforms for Bluetooth (low power and dual mode), Wi-Fi 4/5/6 (802.11n / ac / ax), ultra-wideband (UWB) and NB-IoT are the most widely licensed connectivity platforms in the industry.

Visit us at https://www.ceva-dsp.com/ and follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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