Ceramics and diamonds combine in jewelry and jars



Ceramics set with diamonds make delicate works of art

CVC Stones collaborated with Young Sook Park on a fragile new collection of ceramics and diamonds

Jewelry and ceramics unite in a new partnership between CVC Stones and Young Sook Park. Charles de Viel Castel and the Korean ceramist have collaborated on a collection of limited edition ceramics, available exclusively at Moda Operandi. Composed of Park’s “Moon Jars” and 25 unique pendants, the collection combines complex know-how with fragile materials to celebrate the skills of the two creators.

From his New York base, de Viel Castel sets diamonds into stones found on beaches, the resulting pendants express both mesmerizing tension and irresistible tactility. This is a technique he explored further in Park’s sculptural “moon jars”, which make imperfect porcelain spheres bloom.

“I never imagined working with an artist as established as Young Sook Park, but it happened indirectly through social media,” de Viel Castel tells us. “She chose us. I have always been very inspired by art and design, and ceramics are a natural medium that goes well with my profession. ‘

The new ceramic collection is naturally extremely fragile, a challenge for both designers. “We spent many sleepless nights hoping not to break any of the pots,” admits de Viel Castel. “We practiced and did thousands of exercises on old pieces of broken pot before we felt confident enough to make one. We had to use lights to see the thickness of the parts of the jars. The parts are less fragile and we then adapted the design to that. We used special drills and took a lot longer to make each hole. Fortunately, we haven’t broken any so far.

Laying diamonds in ceramic is an incredibly precarious process, requiring the “Moon Jars” to undergo drilling for the inlay process, testing the limits of the material. “By adding diamonds to his pieces, we are pushing the boundaries of how we might see ceramics,” adds de Viel Castel. “If they are adorned with a precious stone, there is something very natural about the materials, the shapes and the aesthetics. Our aesthetic is a modern take on a very old and traditional craft. ‘ §


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