Central Texas student’s artwork is now on display at the United States Capitol

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) – A Killeen ISD student will have her artwork adorn the walls of the United States Capitol after winning an art competition.

The 2022 Congressional Art Competition included 63 submissions from students in the state of Texas’ 31st congressional district.

Harker Heights High School student Mikayla Perez says she entered the competition after her art teacher recommended it to the class.

She had no art training and, in fact, says it was her first art class.

At her teacher’s suggestion, she grabbed a photo she had previously taken on her cell phone while horseback riding near Waco.

At an award ceremony held at Texas State University-Round Rock, Rep. John Carter (TX-31) announced that Perez’s photo, which she named “A Cowboy’s Treasure,” won the contest and would hang on the US Capitol for a year to represent Texas’ 31st congressional district.

Perez said she was shocked because the photo was not taken for a contest.

“The sun was setting so I was like ‘let me take a picture.’ That’s pretty. So I was just taking pictures of this whole horse ride, not even thinking about it,” Perez said.

“So when they announced I had won, I was on top, still in shock because I never thought it would get to this point.”

Perez and his mother will visit the United States Capitol in Washington DC to see his art at the Capitol.

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