Campfire Audio launches custom 3D printed in-ear headphones

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Campfire Audio, a maker of high-quality, handcrafted headphones, has launched its new line of custom in-ear monitors, consisting of Equinox, Solstice and Supermoon. Each pair is handcrafted, designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, USA. As careful attention to detail is essential to delivering a superior musical experience, these in-ear monitors feature an acoustically optimized, 3D-printed interior model – as seen in Campfire Audio’s other in-ear monitors – which allows each pilot to offer the best. sound quality. When heard together, the drivers provide a seamless musical experience as a result of the process.

Campfire Audio’s custom in-ear monitors also feature a handcrafted, hand-polished finish. Thanks to the workmanship, the smooth body of the headphones comfortably fits the unique shape of the user’s ear.

Campfire Audio Super Moon

Unique to Campfire Audio’s custom in-ear monitors, a patent pending solid body earphone design. Every in-ear monitor starts with the ear impression. The prints are first digitized in 3D. The interior acoustic chamber of the Supermoon design is then manipulated and arranged in an optimal position within the shape of the ear impression. This helps optimize earphone performance, resulting in an in-ear monitor with better sound and a better fit.

When Campfire Audio manufactures the headphone’s solid body, the design is 3D printed, much like Sennheiser created its IE 600 headphones, as a single component before being meticulously finished by hand. Putting the work into designing the headphones before printing means that the only moving part of the headphone is the diaphragm. It also means that the headphones will be robust and reliable under the most demanding performance conditions.

Campfire Audio 3D prints custom acoustic in-ear monitors optimally.  3D printed interior model for a custom fit.
Campfire Audio Super Moon

Campfire Audio’s new patent-pending solid-body design delivers optimized acoustic performance by incorporating the earphone tuning chambers directly into the final in-ear monitor impression.

Campfire Audio’s custom in-ear monitors come in two flavors: the Audiophile and the Artist. The Audiophile Fit offers a shallow sealing depth that has been reduced and optimized, removing the unnecessary length of traditional in-ear monitors designed for the stage. A fitted design is exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear. The Artist Fit offers a more traditional sealing depth to provide the necessary sound isolation and added security needed for demanding stage performances – well suited to the professional musician, extending into the ear canal for an optimal seal.

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