Buy yourself a house Marfa

This house in Marfa offers a room with a view (of the desert)

Designed by Berkeley-based Rael San Fratello and Tucson-based Dust, this Marfa home is an ode to desert simplicity

A structure that is one with the wild and arid simplicity of the Texas desert, this house in Marfa is the work of two architects, Rael San Fratello of Berkeley and Dust of Tucson. Minimalist architecture, almost spartan looks, and materials that feel entirely out of place define this home that’s the perfect bolthole for secluded relaxation – a bolthole you can buy, since the boutique abode has just arrived. on the market.

The small desert town of Marfa in far west Texas is known for its arts scene, nature, and stargazing opportunities. Here, the flat, dry expanses are matched in beauty only by the night sky, and this little house – perhaps in scale, but not in scope or architectural ambition – offers a view of both , set in a large secluded plot on the edge of town. Access to numerous outdoor spaces, in the form of a walled garden of native plants, several courtyards and large windows that frame the surrounding environment, ensures a constant connection between the interior and the exterior, the architecture and its place.

Marfa’s house is one with its site

Consisting of two separate structures, the house contains a chef’s kitchen, large living space, private sculpture garden, guest bedroom and bathroom in the first volume; meanwhile, the master suite, with its own study and living room and the main bathroom, is in the second. Sand-colored adobe brick walls combine with metallic elements for an aesthetic that blends earth with a minimalist, utilitarian feel. At the same time, the tactile yet clean flat surfaces provide an ideal opportunity for the gallery to display works of art.

The solar panels in this Marfa home make the most of the Texas sun in this home that pays homage to the landscape around it at every turn. This, combined with the rest of its architectural features, makes it a modern classic (half of its team of architects, Dust was also part of the Wallpaper* Architects Directory in 2015), full of spotting scopes, natural materials, gardens features and architectural moments, such as the outdoor shower next to the master bedroom and the attractive study with its window strategically placed towards the view. §

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