Bowie State University student’s artwork featured on products in Target stores nationwide – CBS Baltimore

BOWIE, Md. (WJZ) — He has for a long time Sharone Jownsend’s dream of sharing his works with people all over the country.

That dream came true last month when a drawing he created has been to put on shirts, hoodies and other items in Jsilver shops coast to coast, and it quickly became very popular.

Jhey were like‘hey, your business is selling,’ and I was like, ‘really?’ said Townsend.

the Bowie Sstate youthe senior college design was one of three selected to win Jsilver HBCUs Black Hstory Mwe th Ddesign VSHallenge.

“I’m thrilled that people gravitate towards that and can resonate with something that I’ve done,” he said.

Items are available for purchase at the big box store until the end of February.

IIt was just one of those times when I was so proud of him,” noted Danielle Brown, a college fashion design professor who taught Townsend.

The message Townsend says he wants to send with the design is to inspire people from all walks of life to come together.

Je design actually means unity and that’s why it’s different color hands and they all come together,” he said.

Wool is about to graduate in May with a degree in visual communication and digital media arts, But he at already started selling his work under his own fashion label, Smore foreign than N / Ature.

the competition at Inspireed that he continues to advance in his dream.

“Actually, I was kind of thinking about not pursuing this“Townsend said. “AAnd then it all jumped and now here I am a m so i think this is a sign for me to continue.

AT buy some of the you-shirts and other products with his jobvisit a place Jsilver store Where buy them online.

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