Bloodborne 2 could be in Bluepoint’s hands, and that’s a good thing


Another year is coming to an end, and that means another round of FromSoftware fans hoping to see Transmitted by blood again – although things look a little different this time around. Earlier this year, Transmitted by blood Intellectual Property Owner Sony Acquires Bluepoint Games, Creators Of The Star Shadow of the colossus and Demon souls redone. While it’s unclear exactly what Bluepoint will do with Sony, a hint has been made that the remake specialist is starting to work on “new content” for the first time. Now there is in fact a precedent for the idea of ​​a Transmitted by blood remastering, remaking, or even an outright sequel will actually happen. Fandom awareness always starts and stops at rumors, but at least there is now a logical progression from the idea to what is actually going on.

Released exclusively for PS4 in 2017, FromSoftware’s Transmitted by blood has stolen the hearts and minds of players with its unparalleled Gothic architecture, supernatural enemies, and fast-paced, satisfying combat. Some still consider it their favorite modern FromSoftware game, and it’s definitely both one of the best and one of the most unique Soulslikes in the business. Gamers have been begging Sony to do something with this for several years, especially if it involves correcting the frame rate and polishing the rawer visual aspects. Now that rumors say Bluepoint could handle a Transmitted by blood remaster, PC version and maybe even sequel, it looks like it’s time to evaluate Transmitted by blood‘s chances once again. If these rumors really hold up this time around, then Bluepoint is probably the perfect developer to handle more Transmitted by blood.

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Bluepoint is the best option for a new Bloodborne developer

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Of all the teams in the industry, Bluepoint may be the most reliable at making a new loyal Transmitted by blood product. As has been proven with its previous remakes, Bluepoint obsessively studies the gameplay and world of any game it works on, and always strives for the best performance and visual fidelity possible on its target console. The company has its roots in creating high-end remasterings, so it can be trusted to analyze and optimize the code given to it. That Bluepoint’s Transmitted by blood is a PC port, a re-release with new visuals and possibly new content, or a brand new game, fans can expect it to play exactly like the original Transmitted by blood.

While a sequel would certainly have new elements, Bluepoint’s dedication to adding new motion capture and facial modeling in Remake of Demon’s Souls will certainly give everything Transmitted by blood project it works on a new feel. Transmitted by blood is already known for its animations conveying a very specific and sometimes alien brutal tone, and Bluepoint will preserve it and sometimes improve it when it seems necessary. And with Transmitted by bloodWith its many different environments, possessing a wide variety of architectures, plants and enemies, Bluepoint’s magical touch will bring out even more already magnificent areas and panoramas. Even just imagining Transmitted by bloodBluepoint’s iconic skyline and moon, rendered with Bluepoint artistry, is enough to thrill a fan.

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How FromSoftware Can Help Bluepoint Create Bloodborne 2

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Of course, this all focuses only on things that were already in the first one. Transmitted by blood. Rumors of a Bloodborne 2 with Bluepoint the point of view looks a bit weirder, but they’re more possible than some people think. Bluepoint may not necessarily do the whole game, as FromSoftware will soon have finished putting the finishing touches on Ancient ring. Some parts of FromSoftware are probably already free to collaborate with Bluepoint on a new project. With the legendary art design and gameplay inspired by FromSoftware combined with Bluepoint’s ability to achieve and optimize this in-game, anything is possible.

Bloodborne 2 will likely be designed by FromSoftware itself, who will also oversee Bluepoint’s work to ensure the game maintains a consistent vision. While FromSoftware may share some designs and 3D models for reference, Bluepoint will do a lot of the actual implementation work in the game, creating models, lighting, back-end programming and possibly also getting it on its own. a creative contribution. New gameplay ideas for Bloodborne 2 would primarily come from or be controlled by FromSoftware, so fans can trust that this project is always going to feel like a Souls Game. There is definitely a chance that Bluepoint could fly solo in development. Bloodborne 2, but if Sony is lucky enough to have the original minds behind Transmitted by blood on the project, he has every reason to do so.

Bloodborne has yet to be confirmed as Bluepoint’s next project

Bloodborne - The hunter loading a swing with the saw cleaver against Darkbeast Paarl

Of course, all of this hopeful talk doesn’t guarantee that Bluepoint is working on something. Transmitted by blood project at all right now. While the statement regarding the company’s future hints at new content rather than a new game, it’s too early to tell what that actually means. Bluepoint has expressed interest in revitalizing Sony’s back catalog, and Transmitted by blood is a very recent addition to this long-standing group. It is possible that something older like Jacques and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Where The Legend of the Dragon could be a Bluepoint project before Transmitted by blood. Anyway, it can be said with certainty that while Bluepoint is not working on a Transmitted by blood project, then probably no one is currently.

The future of Bluepoint Games is uncertain but exciting. The team has worked closely with Sony for most of its life and will continue to improve and potentially develop some of Sony’s best products as part of its family. Transmitted by blood on computer, Bloodborne: Hunter’s Edition, Where Bloodborne 2 could all be developing, or maybe none of them are. Either way, two things are certain: Bluepoint is the right studio to build Bloodborne 2, and can be trusted to release some of the best looking games on PlayStation 5.

Bloodborne 2 Rumor has it that it is in development for the PS5.

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