Best Marvel Games To Play If You’re Bored With The MCU

With around thirty films and several interconnected series, the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is staggering, but for video game fans bored with the MCU, there are thankfully decades of gameplay options that predate Marvel’s modern cinematic vision. The MCU’s 14 years of content is impressive, but video games based on Marvel Comics characters have a 40-year history. The quality of these titles varies, as most licensed games from the first generations of games were low-effort products, but veteran game fans fondly remember those that surpassed this trend as timeless classics. Even the most diehard Marvelites are unlikely to defend games like the terrible Iron Man and X-Manowar in Heavy Metal cross play. True believers still have reason to say Make Mine Marvel remembering the polished arcade brawlers, fighting games, and action RPGs that all had a distinctly different feel to the modern, homogenized MCU.


Arcade-style fans beat ’em ups in the mold of Dual Dragon and final fight have the longest history of any Marvel games that largely hold up today. Games like Data East Captain America and the Avengers and Sega 1991 Spider Man The arcade game proved the side-scrolling brawler to be a perfect fit for most Marvel franchises. The rosters of playable characters in these games tended to be more diverse, as they weren’t limited to promoting characters already established in the MCU. The Spider Man brawler featured Black Cat and Sub-Mariner as player options, and Capcom The Punisher the game included both Frank Castle and Nick Fury. The modern Yakuza games must River City Ransom for their brawling roots as much as Shen Muebut the whole history of Marvel video games arguably owes as much to the genre.

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Due to licensing issues, the x-men remained separate from the MCU for its first decade, but the mutant team is easily one of Marvel’s most popular franchises. Many attempts have been made to adapt x-men in video game format, and most have done just fine, including the NES x-men aerial action game which is considered one of the worst games in this console’s vast library. This dismal game was based on the 1989 animation x-men pilot X-Men’s Pridebut the failed pilot would also form the basis of the most iconic Marvel brawler of all time, the 1992 x-men Konami arcade game. This arcade game has translated animated designs to gaming format beautifully, with its massive sprites and impressive special attack animations for mutant powers. The game room x-men deserve it The Shredder’s Revenge treatment, certainly, as x-men and the 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are some of the most memorable multiplayer arcade brawlers of all time, along with The simpsons arcade game.

Marvel is synonymous with quality fighting games as well as brawlers, but only for fans who selectively ignore those not produced by Capcom. Mediocre fighting games, like Avengers in the Galactic Storm and Marvel Nemesishave been largely forgotten, and the most competent X-Men: Mutant Academy the series also failed to make a lasting impression. Capcom succeeded in redefining Marvel fighting games with its series which began with X-Men: Children of the Atom. This game took the basic combat from Dark Stalkers and added elements like super jumps and lots of combos and aerial juggles. The same anime-style formula and graphics would extend to the Marvel setting as a whole with Marvel Super Heroeswhich featured many X-Men from Children of the atom alongside Captain America and Doctor Doom.

Many fans agree Marvel vs. Capcom 2′s iconic designs surpass any other Marvel game, and it’s widely considered the pinnacle of Capcom’s work on the franchise and the last 2D entry produced. Children of the atom Featured street fighter’s Akuma as a hidden character, and the sequel to Marvel Super Heroes built on that with a full-fledged crossover in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. This marked the start of a new franchise, which continued into Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighterfollowed by Marvel vs. Capcom. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 delivered the most ambitious game in the series, with an unrivaled roster of characters. The third VCMthe transition from to 3D has been somewhat rocky, and its fourth and most recent entry, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, was considered mediocre at best.

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The X-Men Legends The series is another high point for Marvel games and a distinct departure from the MCU. Raven Software X-Men Legends revisited the idea of ​​an overhead projector x-men brawler, but it made up for the disastrous NES x-men game with its multiplayer action RPG format. X-Men Legends Perfectly introduces Marvel’s mutants, with a diverse character roster and enough build complexity to satisfy RPG fans. X-Men Legends 2 continued to tweak the formula and is considered the pinnacle of the series as an action RPG, since the follow-up, Ultimate Marvel Alliance, removed most of the RPG elements. However, it provided a solid multiplayer brawler and, along with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and his late third entry, The Black Orderare all held in high regard by fans of Marvel games.

Many Spider-Man Video Games Have Unconventional Storylines Outside of the MCU Model

As the x-men, Spider Man is an iconic Marvel character who was absent during the formative years of the MCU due to licensing issues. Apart from some entertaining brawlers, like Sega’s Arcade Spider Manor console beat ’em ups like Maximum carnage and Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety, most early attempts at translating the character into the video game were unsuccessful. Fans debate who Spider Man The game has the best web-swinging, mechanics ill-suited to the methodical progression of the traditional brawler. Neversoft 2000 Spider Man game, released for PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast, made good use of 3D gameplay to deliver what many consider to be the first true Spider Man video game experience. Its exclusive PlayStation suite, Spider-Man 2: Enter Electrodidn’t reach the same heights, but provided another entertainment Spider Man adventure that holds today.

These first 3D successes with Spider Man would herald a series of game adaptations of varying quality. Games based on the Sam Rummy trilogy have been well received, but those wishing to distance themselves from the MCU might prefer more adventurous stories involving the character, especially since those films were retroactively added to the MCU multiverse. Ultimate Spider-Man stands out in terms of quality, and games like Friend or enemy, web of shadowsand Broken dimensions featured stories that were less predictable than most. Spider-Man: End of Time is an underrated, albeit flawed, gem, and arguably the last standout game featuring the character before Insomniac’s take on the hero with Marvel’s Spiderman for PS4.

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Marvel Comics fans who have had enough of the regimented vision of the MCU will find much to appreciate in these standout video games. Before film licensing issues started to impact which characters to feature, game makers took more liberties by drawing inspiration from the rich history of the wider Marvel world. The Punisher could team up with Nick Fury in Capcom’s Brawler, or Sub-Mariner could lend Spider-Man a hand, not worrying about clashing with the movies’ interpretation of those characters. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro featured the X-Men’s Danger Room and Spider-Man interacting with Rogue and Professor X. X-Men Legends the series included many deep Marvel characters and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions featured Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir working alongside more traditional versions of the character to restore balance to the multiverse.

Quality Marvel games can provide the perfect cure for MCU fatigue

Actual MCU-based video games have largely evaporated, mostly shifting to mobile games and VR experiences. Many games that use their own unique continuities, like Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series and the 2021 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, still cling too closely to the version of the characters featured in the MCU films, unlike previous video games which told more distinctive stories. Luckily, for fans who suffer from Marvel Cinematic Universe fatigue, there are dozens of polished Marvel Comics games that can help remind them why they loved Marvel in the first place.

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