Beeple’s first physical artwork just earned a tidy sum at Christie’s


Beeple (born 1981), ‘HUMAN ONE (still_2).’ Christie’s

New art star Beeple is best known for his NFT designs, which captured industry attention and catapulted the artist to superstar rank. However, Beeple’s first hybrid physical sculpture was just auctioned off for $ 28.9 million in a Christie’s auction, proving the artist has a cloud in both the crypto and more conventional creative spheres. . A HUMAN, the hybrid physical artwork that sold was to be purchased for around $ 15 million. The artwork consists of four screens displaying a hero clad in a spacesuit, who can be seen deliberately making his way through ever-changing digital backgrounds. When the sale was announced, Beeple (real name Mike Winkelmann) himself said that “this work’s unique ability to be up-to-date makes it closer to an ongoing conversation.”

The auction in which Beeple’s work was sold also marked the first live auction that Christie’s held in its New York auction house since the start of the pandemic. According to Christie’s, more than 1,600 visitors attended the exhibition before the auction, and Beeple himself visited Christie’s auction house to talk about his work.

“The pressure on artists of all stripes to outdo themselves in the wake of massive success can be intimidating,” Noah Davis, head of digital art and online sales at Christie’s, said in a statement in October. “In Mike’s case, he pretty much shocked everyone in the art world earlier this year, so I can’t imagine what that weight must look like – the weight of the expectations of this huge global audience. But I know that with A HUMAN, and against all odds, Mike has achieved something historic (again).

The fluctuating NFT market continues to cast doubt on some industry figures as to whether non-fungible tokens really have such longevity. However, there is no denying that the alluring glow of the unknown still adds a lot of value to new products.

Beeple's first physical artwork just earned a tidy sum at Christie's

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