Artwork by Mitchell-area fourth-graders to be displayed on I-90 to promote safety in roadwork zones – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL — Two Mitchell-area elementary students have been recognized for their artwork promoting awareness of roadwork zones, which will be turned into billboards for the summer driving season.

Fourth-graders Kenze Glover, of Bridgewater-Emery, and Brady Mentele, of Mitchell Christian, were each recognized by the South Dakota Department of Transportation and the South Dakota Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America for have sensitized the work area. Students and their classroom teachers received a cash prize and had their display boards unveiled at events at their respective schools.

Kenze Glover, a fourth-grade student from Bridgewater-Emery, won a South Dakota Department of Transportation billboard contest to promote safety in roadwork zones.

Courtesy of South Dakota Department of Transportation

The Mentele notice board advises drivers to “slow down for cones when in construction zones!” and Glover’s design shows a construction worker with the message to “drive the posted speed limit.”

“Our partnership with the AGC and area contractors in this campaign focuses on addressing the dangers of excessive speed and distracted driving in work zones,” said South Dakota Secretary of Transportation Joel Jundt. . “We are thrilled to engage young people and their families through a fun, yet meaningful contest to highlight that everyone plays a part in keeping our roads safe. »

Each year, SDDOT works with AGC and area contractors to build and maintain South Dakota’s roads and bridges and partners with AGC to sponsor a Work Zone Awareness Billboard Design Contest. with fourth graders in elementary schools across the state.

The Mentele Billboard will be located eastbound on I-90 near Mile 346 near Alexandria and will go live around May 30. Glover’s billboard, which recently went live, will be located westbound on I-90 near Mile 373 near Montrose.

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