Arthur Casas designs the modernist villa in São Paulo

São Paulo villa by Arthur Casas is the perfect urban retreat

A contemporary home in São Paulo is a modernist retreat in the leafy suburbs, courtesy of architect Arthur Casas

This São Paulo villa was designed as the perfect urban retreat. BD House, created by Brazilian architect Arthur Casas and his team, was conceived as a modernist haven among the rich suburban foliage of Brazil’s metropolis for guests, a young couple with two young children – although the residence is is a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

The starting point for the design, Casas explains, was the cobogó of the structure – the outer screen that wraps the upper levels and derives from the traditional lace pegboards of the country’s vernacular dwellings. The pattern here, in wood, was created by the studio and helps define the look and identity of the project, balancing privacy and long views, natural ventilation and protection from the elements. At the same time, the verdant vegetation of the garden and a green wall dialogue with the geometric wooden structure – which was also designed to support the growth of outdoor climbing plants on the site.

The main volumes of the house are made of cast-in-place concrete, their sturdy, confident, square forms clearly delineating where the exterior ends and the interior begins. The expansive glazing, however, on the ground floor allows the interior to open up to nature and visually and physically connect to the garden when the windows are set back. Meanwhile, wooden surfaces soften the overall effect.

In its approximately 650 m², the house houses an open and flowing living room and kitchen, a toilet, a barbecue area and a garden on the ground floor. The children’s bedrooms, the master suite and the guest bedroom are upstairs. A penthouse-style structure at the top houses leisure spaces, such as a swimming pool and terrace, while a basement has been hollowed out to accommodate the garage, wine cellar, office, service areas and of storage.

The interiors, bathed in natural light and enveloped in greenery, are embellished with furniture by Brazilian and international designers, such as Sergio Rodrigues, Charles Eames, Lina Bo Bardi, Jean Gillon and Ricardo Fasanello. Elements from Casas also populate the space, including the “Apache” dining table, “Antigua” coffee table, and a selection of lighting, making this São Paulo villa a holistically thought out and finely tuned urban retreat. §

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