Arthur Adams Batgirl & Clayface Artwork at Heritage Auctions


Arthur adams can draw pretty much anything, but I’ve always especially loved the way he draws awesome monsters and characters. There’s something about her clean, detailed style that lends itself to weird looks and scales. Look no further than the piece that takes heritage auction bids right now and ends today. In it, Batgirl is struggling as one of the gnarliest versions of Clayface you’ll ever see appear behind her. I love the elongated jaw that Clayface sports here, looking at what only Arthur Adams can make him look like. This is a great article, and the fact that it costs $ 1350 at the time of this writing is a testament to its quality. Find out below.

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Arthur Adams art is so detailed and clean

“Arthur Adams – Batgirl and Clayface Illustration Original Art (2005). Clayface gets the drop on Batgirl in this detailed render of Arthur Adams. Ink over graphite and blue pencil on bristol board with an image size of 10.75 “x 13.5”. Signed by Adams lower right and in excellent condition. “I love the classic Batgirl bag on her hip here too; it’s a cool mix of a few different looks over the years for Barbera. But this bag, it’s an awesome inclusion.

There’s a lot to love about this room, and whenever you can catch a bat character facing a villain in an original art, you’ve got to jump on it. You can go here to get more information on this coin and place a bid if you wish. While you’re at it, go ahead, click around and take a look at the works of art that are up for auction today. There are some really good pieces from big names, legends, and people that you usually won’t see artwork for.

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