Ardwick Charity Memory Book publishes artwork created during pandemic


One of the contributors to TLC-St Luke’s Memory Book with a published copy.

Submitted by Alison Kershaw

Local artists have come together to launch a new book that features a collection of the work they produced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Memory Book was created by the TLC-St Luke’s Mental Health Charity in Ardwick, Greater Manchester and contains a collection of artwork, poems, photographs, stories, journals intimate and collages from different projects of the last year.

The book features the work of 44 different contributors and will be a way to show participants’ experiences during the year through art.

Under normal circumstances, TLC-St Luke’s offers walk-in art sessions for people with mental health needs, but during the pandemic they had to find another way to deliver the sessions.

The team sent art kits to their frequent attendees and encouraged them to continue creating art during the pandemic and to submit a photo, which would be included in the regular newsletter.

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The charity has its own community publishing house which published the book.

Editor-in-Chief Nigel Wood said: “The Memory Book serves as a portable exhibit on what the TLC-St Luke art project is all about and is a great testament to the resilience and creativity of all people. involved, as we have all tried to find ways to cope and live our lives the best we can during a very difficult year. “

The book can be purchased for £ 6.99, with all proceeds going to TLC-St Luke’s Art Project. You can buy the book here.

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