Appalshop partners with the Educational Foundation of America to support EKY artists

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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) – Appalshop is partnering with the Educational Foundation of America to financially support artists in eastern Kentucky affected by flooding.

Artists can apply via the Appalshop websiteand receive a check for $500 if they qualify.

“This is a no-questions-asked grant. It’s just here to help you rebuild and keep our community alive and have the culture that we hold so dear here,” said Willa Johnson, Director of Films for Appalshop.

The first 80 artists who apply and qualify will receive the check.

“If they’ve lost some or all of their gear and they’re applying, and they can show loss, it’s $500 to take and run,” Willa Johnson said.

Flood survivor Mona Collier is among several artists who have already applied.

She lost her house and almost all of the artwork in it.

“I lost everything. I pulled out two works of art that were completed. That’s all I found. They were both of Jesus too,” Collier said.

While his copy of Jesus painting was damaged, the original stood amid the flood destruction.

With this inspiration and the grant, Mona Collier will continue her work.

“I probably would have done just a little bit, and not what I always did,” she said.

Willa Johnson said Appalshop received a total of $50,000, of which $40,000 will be used for grant checks. They are still deciding where to spend the rest of the money.

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